Archive - Dec 28, 2011

Viking fest named fourth in list of winter events

Up Helly Aa, the rousing Viking winterfest held each year in the Shetland Islands, has been named number four in a list of the ten best winter festivals compiled by the British travel publication Wanderlust. Stephen McGinty of The Scotsman has the story.

Felix Sniumi to be knighted in the Outlands

Syr Deotrich Hiltipard reports that Their Majesties Kynan and Gilliana, of the Kingdom of the Outlands, have chosen to add Syr Deotrich's squire, The Honorable Lord Felix Sniumi, to Their ranks of the Order of the Chivalry.

Agricultural processions may have marked seasons at Stonehenge

Archaeologists continue to make new discoveries that shed light on the construction and use of Stonehenge. The latest discoveries are "evidence of two huge pits positioned on celestial alignment" marking the rising and setting of the sun.