Archive - Dec 23, 2011

British crusaders conquered, then settled in Tortosa

In the mid12th century, English and Welsh crusaders took part in the siege and capture of the Spanish city of Tortosa. Some apparently liked the climate and decided to stay. In an article for the Journal of Medieval History, Antoni Virgili tells their story.

Lost and Found from Estrella 2010 to be auctioned at Estrella 2012

Lady Bethia Somers, Acting Kingdom Sheriff for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that there will be an auction for the unclaimed Lost and Found items from the 2010 Estrella War at the 2012 War.

Secret weapon of athletes: Pickle juice!

Every athlete - be they football hero or SCA knight - knows the value of pickles and pickle juice as a "secret weapon" to balance electrolytes during intense exercise, especially in hot weather. Now a new study from Brigham Young University validates the folk remedy.