Archive - Oct 27, 2011

Life of Jewish patroness Benvenida Abravanel explored

In an article for The Jerusalem Post Magazine, writer and professor of Jewish history Renee Levine Melammed explores the life of Benvenida Abravanel, a 16th century resident of Naples and Ferrara, known for her philantrophy and patronage of David Hareuveni, the 16th century messianic claimant.

Edward the Red winner of Ealdormere Crown Tourney

Elrik the Bastard reports that Count Sir Edward the Red defeated THL Bjarn Aaronson in the final round of the October 22, 2011 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Sir Edward was inspired in his endeavor by Mistress Rylyn Buchanan.

"Arrogant Jewish woman" revisited by modern historian

In 1171, Pucellina, a Jewish moneylender with ties to Count Thibaut of Blois, France, was arrested, along with 40 other Jews, for the killing of a Christian child. Her execution by burning is now attributed to a witness' aversion to an "arrogant Jewish woman with the gall to consider Count Thibaut her patron."