Archive - Jan 13, 2011

Combative Arts/A&S Weekend

THIS IS THE FIRST CdC WEEKEND of 2011! Do not miss out on this opportunity to have a GREAT time, eat well and improve you SCA related skills!

[ATL] Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2011

It is my distinct honor to present the Atlantian College of Heralds' bid for the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2011 to be held in High Point, North Carolina being reckoned as the Canton of Middlegate in the Barony of the Sacred Stone.

[EAS] Black Gryphon Inn

You will dine well, dear SCAdian, at our Black Gryphon Inn.  If you have no better invitation, come on over. 

[MID] Rivenvale's Winter Revel

Join Rivenvale for our annual Winter Revel. This is a free event. Period Garb is required and feastware is strongly recommended. Please bring a food item or beverage to share. Alcoholic beverages are permitted. There is a sink, stove, and refrigerator on site.

[EAS] Novice Schola/Baronial Birthday

Bergental welcomes novice and expert alike. Come and learn! Come and teach! This event is open to those who want to learn all things medieval. We will hold our traditional wide spectrum of classes.  (Assuming we can get teachers to volunteer. Hint, hint.)

[CAL] 2011 Calontir Cooks' Symposium

The king’s hunters have returned with many gifts from His Majesty’s fields. Not to be out done the populace has brought forward many fish from His Majesty’s streams and the farms still provided much from last harvest. Now comes the call to all of the members of the populace, skilled in the art of cookery, to decide how to best use these items.

[ART] Birthday Bash XXV

You are cordially invited to attend Birthday Bash XXV - Please help us celebrate our Silver Anniversary!!

[MID] St Sebastian's Day Feast

The Gwyntarian Archers' Guild will be holding their annual St Sebastian's Day feast and meeting on Sunday, 23 January 2011, at the estates of Lady Finna Jomarsdottir.

[LOC] Newcomers' Feast

The College of St Malachy will be holding their annual Newcomers feast on the 26th of March, 2011. You are all invited to join us for a day of feasting, fighting, dancing, drinking and fun with the chance to make new friends or meet up with old.

[MER] Menhir 2011

Join the Shire of Rising Stone for our Ar na Páistí Collegium as we focus on securing the future of Meridies.

[AET] Spring Crown Tournament

Spring has come to Aethelmearc, and the southern lands welcome the new season with an explosion of new green leaves and bright yellow and vibrant purple flowers. With such regal colors, thoughts drift towards Aethelmearc's need for Heirs.

[NOR] Une Fete d'Amor

Come enjoy Midewinde's annual winter event. This year will be a little bit different as we celebrate our Love for the crown. All funds raised will be given to the Kingdom with the winner of the A&S competition to decide which Kingdom fund it should be given to.

[ATE] Crown Tourney & Warlord Tourney

The time has come for our Royal Majesties, Phelan and Amirah to beckon on the fighters of this grand Kingdom to find their heirs. The Shire of Windale would like to welcome one and all to our fair, yet sometimes "Windy" Shire, to witness this glorious event.

[WES] War Collegium

Knights Errant combat will take place from 11am to 1pm the morning of War Collegium.

[WES] Knights Errant 2011

This will be taking place at Sir Bjorn's home in RivenOak (Chico, CA). He has a covered area for fighting so weather will not be a problem. There will be food and drink provided. If you would like to stay Saturday night, there is crash space available and RivenOak's regular practice is Sunday. Hope to see you!

[DRA] Troll Hunt V

Winter's long grip is loosening and the nights are beginning to grow shorter, bringing light to the volcanic fields and magnificent glacial mountains of our harsh yet fair land. The hard times of winter have brought the local trolls raiding to close to home so we must unite to fight them back to the mountains to defend our livelihoods.

[EAL] Tournoi du Couer deGlace

The Shire of Bastille du Lac would like to invite all fighters and fencers to compete in the first tournament
of the year!

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The Directors and Corporate Staff would like to extend a cordial invitation for all to attend the upcoming Board of Directors meeting, to be held on January 29, 2011.

Estrella War Artisans Showcase

Lady Siobhan MacCumhal, Artisan Showcase Coordinator for Estrella War XXVII, offers information for the A&S community attending the upcoming War.

Lost scenes from Greek plays discovered in Syria

Scenes from ancient Greek plays written by the poet Meander have been found depicted in mosaics in Antioch, Syria. Meander was a comic poet of the 4th century BCE whose popularity in the Roman world was exceeded only by Homer.

West Kingdom "Deceived" at Twelfth Night

Those attending West Kingdom Twelfth Night were treated to a performance of The Deceived by the Golden Stag Players. A bawdy trailer video is available on Facebook for those who weren't able to see it live.