Archive - 2010

January 2nd

Celtic Psalter on display for first time at the University of Edinburgh

The Celtic Psalter, Scotland's oldest book, dating to the 11th century, has been placed on display at the University of Edinburgh for the first time in history. The book contains "hand-written psalms in Latin, with Celtic and Pictish illustrations."

[WES] 12th Night - POSTPONED

12th Night, Saturday January 9, 2010, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

[OUT] Caerthen War Practice

Caerthen War Practice will be held Jan. 3 at Douglas County Fairgrounds.

[ANS] Northern Regional Fighter Practice

Northern Regional Fighter practice will be Sunday January 24th from 11:00 to 4:00pm at Camp DaKaNi in Wiesenfeuer. We would also like to invite the Rapier, Combat Archery, and general populace as well.

[EAL] Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

The Incipient Canton of Swans Keep kindly sponsored by the Canton of Caer Draeth, proudly presents SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE February 12 to 14, 2010 286 Bayview Drive, Barrie, ON

[OUT] Winter Wolf

The College of Blaiddwyn invites you to come out and make merry in the crisp winter mountain air in al-barran. Test your strength among the competitors for the title of Defender of The Pack and Champion of Blaiddwyn.

No authorizations for general riding or mounted games at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd and the Gulf Wars Equestrian Team reports on authorization rules for the upcoming War.

[ATE] Kingdom War Practice

The great Estrella War will soon be upon us. Once again the Kingdom of Atenveldt will be under attack. Once more unto the breach will the brave fighters of the Kingdom of Atenveldt throw themselves in defense of land and Kingdom.

January 1st

Mounted Watch at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredud, of the Gulf Wars XIX Equestrian team, reports on the expansion of the Mounted Watch at the upcoming War.

Gulf Wars XIX Volunteers Wanted

Several event staff departments are seeking volunteers for Gulf Wars, March 15-20, 2010.

Stefan's Florilegium updates for December 2009

HLord Stefan li Rous has release updates for Stefan's Florilegium for December 2009.