Archive - 2010

February 14th

Scottish reporter finds Latin mass a "chilling experience"

"There was no heating in the Sacred Heart RC church in Bridgeton, a vast 100-year-old building in the bosom of a parish first established in 1873. Perhaps that was because there were only 31 of us in the congregation, but being freezing cold certainly helped focus the mind. After all, they do say austerity is good for the soul," writes reporter Cate Devine of the Herald Scotland after attending a recent Latin mass.

February 13th

New merchant: Paternoster Ladies opens its doors online

Paternoster Ladies recently opened their new online shopping portal, using the Etsy e-commerce hosting provider.

Renaissance shoes on display in Toronto

The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto is playing host to On a Pedestal: From Reniassance Chopines to Baroque Heels, an exhibit that "explores two of the most extreme forms of footwear ever worn in Western fashion, the outrageous platform chopine and its eventual replacement, the high heel." (photos)

Medieval headcovering research online

On his website, Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Hoods, Chaperons and Liripipes, I. Marc Carlson shares research, patterns and advice on the construction of medieval hoods and liripipes.

February 12th

Pennsic 39 classes

Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke, Class Scheduler, TH Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Artisan's Row, and Baroness Catherine Aimee Le Moyne, Chancellor for Pennsic University 39, report that registration is now open for instructors to teach classes at this year's War.

Spartans battle pikemen at Wyoming college

Jerry Spaulding, who goes by the name Agamedes within the SCA, "got hooked" on the Middle Ages at the age of 15. Now he is a founding member of the SCA group at Eastern Wyoming College. Carson LeMahieu of the Torrington (Wyoming) Telegram has the story.

Roman bones show life of "disease and hard labour"

The discovery of a Roman grave in Weston-super-Mare, England last year has given experts insight into the life of 2nd-4th century Roman inhabitants of Britain. This particular man, aged between 36 and 45,  lived a life "defined by disease and hard labour."

February 11th

[CAL] Winter of the Boars Discontent

Please come join The Canton of Loch Smythe in their first event.

Call for Teachers for Norse Life and Culture Seminar

Banbharun Siobhan O'Neill, Event Autocrat for the Norse Life and Culture Seminar in the Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan) on April 10, 2010, is seeking teachers for the seminar.

Position Announcement: Society Exchequer

The SCA Board of Directors has announced that it is seeking applicants for the position of Society Exchequer.

The dark origins of Valentine's Day

Nearly everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, but many are not familiar with the origins, some rather dark, of the holiday for lovers. Ngonidzashe Dzimiri of the Sunday Standard offers a history.

February 10th

SCA President announces new appointments

Denise Leeson-Provost, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., has announced that several new appointments have been made by the SCA Board of Directors.

[ANS] Defender of the Flame

We seek the strong to defend our Canton from the Ansteorran Monkey Hoard. How many can you slay? Come enjoy our Monkey Tournament and embrace your inner ape. Chivalric, Rapier, Archery & Bardic Defender of the Flame will fight for the title, in addition to the Keepers of the Flame to be chosen by the Ladies of Glaslyn.

[ANS] Lysts at Castleton V

The Lysts at Castleton are idealy based on René of Anjou's Traictié de la Forme et Devis d'ung Tournoy, written circa 1460. It is our desire to bring a touch of Rene's history to life on the lyst fields of Castleton.

[MER] Glad Tydings

Join the Shire of Vulpine Reach for a day of feasting and fun! We're taking a romantic stroll around Europe with our English and Mediterranean feast, Continental collegium, and Italian ball.

[CAI] Mons Draconis Anniversary

Please join the Canton of Mons Draconis as they celebrate their Anniversary on Saturday, February 27, 2010.

[ANS] Academy of Defense IV

Philippe and Suzanne, Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg, invite the Master of England, the Master of Italy, the Mistress of Germany and the Master of Spain to summon all rapier fighters to join them for a day of contests to prove who is the greatest in the world. Combatants will be competing for the coveted title of Provost of the Academy of Bjornsborg.

[MER] Baba Marta

The Shire of Flint Marsh  would love to invite you all to our inaugural event, Baba Marta, to be held March 5-7, 2010 at the lovely Compass Lake in the Hills in Alford, Florida.

[AET] Crown Tournament of AEthelmearc

The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands is pleased to host the next Crown Tournament of AEthelmearc, to determine the Heirs for Their Sylvan Highnesses Malcolm and Tessa.

[WES] Golden Rivers Championship Tourney

We have a splendid day planned and festivities will get started at 10am at Carmichael Park.

[AET] Blackstone Raid XIX

Friends and allies of AEthelmearc heed our call!!! The Dragon of the Kingdom of the Midrealm stirs from its winter slumber and will soon raid the Barony of Blackstone Mountain within the Sylvan Lands of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc for its coveted black stones.

[WES] Armour Workshop

An armour workshop planned for 13 February at the Valley Fortress of Fathir and Etain.  Workshop begins at 1:00 PM and all projects are welcome.

[ANT] Almost-Spring Grand Ithra

The Shire of Shittimwoode will once again be host to an Ithra of Grand Proportions at Western Washington University's Communications building.

[NOR] Hertzkreig

Svaty Sebesta hosts its annual Battle of Hearts, wherein combatantsselect a lord or lady and fight for their honor and the virtue ofCourtly Love.

SCA BoD: Join us at the April Board meeting

The Society for Creative Anachronism: Strong honorable knights locked in armored combat; Beautiful ladies in soft flowing gowns; Amazing craft work; Delicious feasts; The very best of the Middles Ages - Normally...

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The Directors and Corporate Staff would like to extend a cordial invitation for all to attend the Second Quarter meeting on Saturday, April 17, 2010 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Late medieval walls found below Edinburgh esplanade

Construction on new viewing stands for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has revealed two structures dating to the late medieval period. The walls were believed to have formed part of the defense of the castle.

February 9th

Picture restoration: "an archaeological problem"

Martin Wyld, chief restorer for the British National Gallery knows that restoring paintings is a difficult job. John McEwen of the London Times walks the galleries with the expert in a recent interview.

Robert Magnus to be knighted at Gulf Wars

Duke Wolfgang Grothe de Verron reports that Lord Robert Magnus will be knighted by Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands at Gulf Wars. Lord Robert was placed on vigil at Caerthe's 12th Night celebration.

February 8th

Gothic text found in Salisbury Cathedral

Experts working on restoration of the Henry Hyde monument in Salisbury Cathedral have discovered remnants of Gothic text beneath whitewash on the cathedral wall.