Archive - Jul 28, 2010

"Salamander" published online

Salamander, a new fantasy novel written by David Friedman (Duke Cariadoc of the Bow), is available online.

Skeletons, weapons, clothes found from Thirty Year's War

Two skeletons and other artifacts dating to the Thirty Years War were found in Stralsund, Germany. Muskets engraved with the owners initials have helped identify the bodies as Hapsburg soldiers.

Help Wanted - Tournaments Illuminated Editor and Art Director

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is seeking candidates for the positions of Tournaments Illuminated Editor and Art Director. The current officer steps down in April, 2011, and in order to ensure a smooth transition, applications for the positions are being accepted now for training to begin in January, 2011.

Who really named America?

We all know the schoolboy version of the naming of the American continents: merchant explorer Amerigo Vespucci supposedly named the New World after himself. But a little-known proofreader and scholar named Matthias Ringmann may actually be responsible.

Artemisia's Uprising 2010 photos online

Darius Coligny reports that he has uploaded several albums of photos from the June 16-20, 2010 Uprising event in the Kingdom of Artemisia.