Archive - Jun 3, 2010

"Living history and experimental archaeology" in Tuscaloosa, AL

Residents of Tuscaloosa, Alabama got a taste of the Middle Ages recently at a demo sponsored by the Shire of Okeborne Keep, where they learned about combat, pottery and blacksmithing. Brian Reynolds of the Tuscaloosa News has the story. (video)

East Kingdom Crown Tourney pictures

Marion del Okes has created an album of photos from the May 8, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the East. The photos are available on Flickr.

Music of Trimaris on CD

Vivat! Trimaris, Volumes 1 and 2, bring together the bards of the Kingdom of Trimaris in an effort to "preserve the rich musical culture of the Current Middle Ages." Both albums are available to purchase or download from CDbaby.

Murals and icons from St. Nikita's Monastery online

Professor Michael J. Fuller has created a website featuring murals and iconography from Saint Nikita's Monastery, an 11th century Macedonian church rebuilt in the 13th century by the Serbian King Milutin.

Spanish pilgrim shrine blesses the Holy and the Digital

Don't have time to visit the shrine of Santiago de Compostela? Log in instead. "Armchair pilgrims" who cannot make the journey themselves now have the opportunity to light an electronic candle -- for a fee -- through a third-party website.