Archive - Jun 18, 2010

Happy belated birthday, Scotch!

Experts have determined that Scotch whiskey was born on June 1, 1495 when King James of Scotland commissioned Friar Jon Cor to makes eight bowls of the potent drink. Wired Magazine celebrates the event in their "This Day in Tech" column.

Stefan's Florilegium updates for June 2010

THLord Stefan li Rous has published updates to Stefan's Florilegium for June 2010.

North Carolina man goes from "Minnesota Vikings" fan to real-world Viking

The Winston-Salem Journal follows Bassi inn fiskni Einarrson of the Canton of Crois de Brigte in Atlantia.

Mists-Cynagua War battle photos online

Serena reports that she has created a large album of photos from the recent Mists-Cynagua War which took place May 14-16, 2010 in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on Shutterfly.

Pennsic to feature "1066 Battle"

On Wednesday August 11, the battlefield at Pennsic XXXIX will feature the Battle of Hastings - Chainmail Battle, a period armor battle for those with 11th century armor.