Archive - Jun 13, 2010

Good King Henri IV enjoys renewed popularity in France

Peace-loving, religiously tolerant, a ladies' man and the coiner of the phrase "a chicken in every pot" -- 400 years later, France still thinks Henri IV is le Grand.

Fighting in the SCA: “It’s a rush.”

Fighters from Canton of Glaslyn in the Kingdom of Ansteorra faced off recently for a practice in North Lakes Park, to the delight of spectators. Reporter Candace Carlisle of the Denton (Texas) Record Chronicle was on hand for the story. (photos and video)

Outlands spring 2010 event photos online

Domin d'Alsace reports that he has created several albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of the Outlands. The photos are available to view on Flickr.

Shava's photos of Castle Fever

Elashava bas Riva shares views of the Castle Fever 2010/Tournament of Chivalry, which took place recently in the Kingdom of Northshield.