Archive - May 11, 2010

KIIITV News meets the SCA in Corpus Christi

A reporter from KIIITV News in Corpus Christi, Texas met members of the Shire of Seawinds (Kingdom of Ansteorra) for a lesson in armored combat, SCA-style. (video)

Edmund and Eleanor new Lochac Royals

William reports that Edmund of Shotley was the victor of the May 8, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Lochac.

[EAL] Murder Melee XXVII

This year we put the Melee into "Murder Melee" with competitions being organized for every martial activity!

[NOR] Castle Fever 2010

Why mess with a good thing!! This year Castle Fever will play host to HRH Tom's Tournament of Chivalry and Regional War Practice!

Duncan von Halstern winner of AEthelemarc Spring 2010 Crown Tournament

Lady Deirdre Scot reports that Count Duncan von Halstern was the victor of the May 8, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Count Duncan was inspired by Ilish O'Donovan.

Runnymede Pop Festival 2010

The 33rd Runnymede Pop Festival is a unique concert of mediaeval music and poetry, performed in the neo-Gothic splendour of Sydney University’s Great Hall which will be decorated with banners and wall-hangings.

[ATE] Champions in the Pines

The Shire of Granite Mountains' annual "Champions in the Pines" event will take place May 14-15-16 this year. Please come join us for a weekend of fun, fighting, feasting, frivolity, and fine arts. This year we have decided to give the event a bit of a Hawaiian flare!

[ANS] Steppes Warlord XXXVII

Bad weather or good weather people come out every year to attend the longest running and the largest tournament event in our kingdom.

Enjoy the air conditioned hall on both Saturday and Sunday.

Site Opens Friday May 28th at noon and closes Monday June 1st at noon.

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[DRA] Cudgel War VIII

Cudgel War VIII will be held on July 9-18, 2010. The site will be our traditional camp site of Kavalahti, Inkoo, Finland.

[AET] Will's Revenge

Will's Revenge is Back! We will be hosting Will's Revenge at Camp Karoondinha in Milmont, PA.