Archive - Dec 9, 2010

[MER] Knight's Gambit

Welcome one and all to ALL the fighting you can stand. Come fight those Knights that you’ve heard about, but have yet to meet. This again, will be a training session with the Knights – one on one with each Knight until you are too tired to do anything but sit for an amazing feast and relax. There will also be tourney(s) in the morning.

[EAL] Winter War XIII

A most noble celebration of winter's end and the coming of spring Saturday, March 5th, 2011 10:00am till 10:30pm

[MID] Twelfth Night at the Barony of Cynnabar

The Barony of Cynnabar opens its doors and invites you in from the cold weather to enjoy the company of friends and family as we host Pentamere's 2010 Twelfth Night! This year's Twelfth Night will be held in Dixboro, just east of Ann Arbor, and promises to be a day of music, art, classes and delicious food - we hope to see you there!

[AET] Blackstone Raid XX

Allies of AEthelmearc heed our call!!! As we begin to stir from beneath the heavy blanket of winter, so to does the Dragon of the Kingdom of the Midrealm stir from its slumber and cast its greedy eye towards our fair land and its precious black stones. The time has come to rally together and be counted among those who will stand against the might of the Midrealm and protect our Sylvan lands!

[CAL] Clothier's Seminar XXVI

The Clothier's Seminar is an annual event that revolves around the one necessity that we all need, clothes. Come join us for a day of classes, discussion and camaraderie.

Shadowcon XV

Not too much on your horizon for January? Wish you could fight in a nice, lit, warm, DRY place? Wishing you could wear that nice summer garb you made just one more time? Or is Darth Vader your favored look for the winter? We have it all: SHADOWCON XV!!

[CAI] Barony of the Angels Yule

Come celebrate the Yule season with the Angels family. Show off your culinary skills at another fantastic Angels potluck. Join in the table decorating and dessert contests. Take part in the bardic and gaming championships. Create an awesome ornament for the ornament raffle or ornament exchange (or both!)? Rumor has it Father Christmas will be visiting as well.

[CAL] 14th Annual Bobbin & Weaving

Bring your latest project and join us for a weekend of fun. Baroness Caitlin nic Aindriu will be teaching a class on book binding. A number of other people have offered to teach just about anything you would like to learn, such as bobbin lace, kumihimo, tablet weaving, netting, spinning, needle felting, felting, knitting, nalbinding, sprang, etc.

[OUT] 12th Night and War Practice

Angus and Elizabeth, Baron and Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable, invite one and all to join us for our 12th night celebration.

[ATL] Nottinghill Coill Baronial Birthday

Come and help celebrate the Birthday Day of the Barony of Nottinghill Coill! A day filled with Baronial  Champion Challenges, A&S  Competitions, Classes, Merchants for Shopping, and of course a wonderful  Feast!

[EAL] Step Spritely 2011

Join us for a full day of Renaissance Dance Classes for everyone, from Beginner to Advanced, as well as musicians and those with an academic interest.

Genevieve d'Aquitaine elevated in Atlantia

At Their morning Crown Tournament Court, Their Majesties Bryan and Brianna of the Kingdom of Atlantia offered Genevieve d'Aquitaine entrance into the Order of the Laurel.

[DRA] Academia della Danza

The right noble coronet of the Ancient lands of Knights Crossing has declared that their subjects, noble in their demeanour, should learn the ancient art of dance, that they may better grace their court with knowledge of this gentler art. To this effect, they have hired sundry dance masters from lands far and wide to come and provide instruction.

[OUT] Caerthen Yule

Imagine, if you will, Yule-tide seasons of years past, with warm hearth, great food, cheerful music, and good friends. The smells of ever-green, the burning yule log, and bread pudding fill the air. Holly green and red, the
presentation of the Boar's Head, and the spectacle of the Lord of Misrule!

[ATL] Feast & Foolishness

Nature is convening a parliament at which the birds will all choose their mates. Our two male eagles will make their case for the hand of the lady but we are certain that the birds of lower estates will have something to say about that.

[EAL] Super Sunday Rapier & Fighter Practice

Super Sunday Rapier & Fighter Practice Sponsored by the Barony of Ben Dunfirth

[MID] 12th Night - The Musical

Join Tree Girt Sea for 12th Night in 12th Night - The Musical! January 15, 2011

Danish Royal Library "E-manuscripts" available online

Collections from the Manuscript Department of the Danish Royal Library are now available to view and study online. The collection includes illuminated manuscripts, letters, diaries and other written materials.

[DRA] Insulae Draconis Coronet

Pray Ye Gather! The Shire of Thamesreach is honoured to host the 3rd Coronet Tourney of the Principality of Insulae Draconis in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

[AET] Celebration of the Holly King

Lords and ladies, nobles and good gentles of all ages, pack up the long ships and make for Delftwood as we celebrate Yule the way every good Viking should.

[MER] Diverse Pleasures VII

Join us for a day of classes that emphasize our roots! Remember the days before Paypal and eBay? We are designing our curriculum around learning how to make and do everything we can. Armor, chain maille, clothing, weaving, food, decorations, etc. and learning the history of the time period we enjoy.

[WES] Yule

Outside it is cold and dark but Yule in Winter's Gate will be warm and bright. The Autocrat will be sponsoring a Nine Men's Morris prize tournament.

[LOC] Twelfth Night 2011

A picnic in grand style as we Receive Our new King, Crown Prince Gabriel and Queen, Crown Princess Constanzia on the most auspicious date of 15 January 2011 being the remembrance of the Coronation of Elizabeth 1 of England in 1559, which can only bring prosperity and harmony to Lochac.

Hand guns used in War of the Roses

Parts of two handheld guns have been found at Towton Battlefield, site of a bloody battle during the War of the Roses.  Previous to this discovery, archaeologists thought that firearms were only used against castles.