Archive - Oct 4, 2010

Medieval archery and the nobility

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf (John R Edgerton) of the West Kingdom has written an extensive document on the use of archery by members of the upper classes during the Middle Ages. War Archery & Social Status is available to read as a PDF online.

[GLE] Samhein 2010 Sicillian Vespers

The Barony of Grey Niche in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann presents Samhain 2010, Sicillian Vespers October 29-31. Join us for a weekend filled with Archery Tournament, Bardic competition, Rapier Tournament, Heavy  weapons fighting including melees and a torchlight tournament. A Sicillian feast is planned and so much more. We welcome all to this event.

British Monarchy now on Flickr

The British Monarchy has established a new Flickr account to share photographs online There are numerous sets, most of which have fewer than 30 photos.  Particularly impressive is the set for the Queen's Robe of State and the dining set-up at "Behind the scenes at a State Banquet".

eBook sizes linked to sheep

In a recent article, Wired Magazine's Tim Carmody ponders the reason that eBooks, and other electronic gadgets, are the size that they are. His conclusion: Sheep.