Archive - Sep 25, 2009

Canterbury's oak rafters date to Norman times

Restoration work at England's Canterbury Cathedral has uncovered oak roof rafters dating to the time of William the Conqueror. While much of the cathedral's roof has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, some of the 11th century timbers survive.

18 million parish records to be published online by

In the mid-16th century, Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII's vicar-general, began the collecting of London parish records. Now 18 million of these records will be available on the website.

[EAL] Huntsman's Harvest III

Once again the Baron and Baroness of Ben Dunfirth invite the people of Ealdormere to the quaint setting of their hunting lodge to celebrate the bountiful harvest, the plentiful game and the joy of the hunt. May they raise their voices in song, and toast of the finest meads and spirits in the Kingdom. This year, for the first time, we will send a challenge to the brewers and vintners of the Kingdom to enter the fruits of their labours in competition.

[MER] Res Equus II

Res Equus II: Barbarians at the Gate 30 Oct -1 Nov 2009

[ANS] Battle of Three Queens II

Shire of Rosenfeld presents Battle of Three Queens II: In the Name of the Rose, October 2-4, 2009.

Land grudge brought about Bosworth treachery

Historians have long held that Richard III was killed at Bosworth field in retribution for his slaying of his nephews, the young, rightful heirs, but new evidence may show a different motive: a decade-old power struggle between Richard and William Stanley.

Voice of America features Pennsic War video footage

The Voice of America's TV bureau was on hand to chronicle Pennsic 38, with over three minutes of excellent video in a feature story that has been posted on YouTube.