Archive - Sep 12, 2009

[ANT] Kingdom A & S Championship and Bardic Championship

The AnTir Kingdom A&S Championship and Bardic Championship will happen March 5-7, 2010 at Elma High School in Elma, WA, and is hosted by Glymm Mere.

[ATE] Southern Cruades

Spread the word! The Kingdom has helped make Southern Cruades a success and we are giving back! Come join the Baronies of Tir Ysgithr and Mons Tonitrus at Southern Crusades, November 12-16 at Winkelman Flats Park, in Winkelman, AZ. Site fees for Southern Crusades have been reduced! Pre-register on ACCEPS and adult members pay $20.00. Youth ages 5 thru 17 $8.00.

BBC's "Tudors" historically inaccurate but addicting says historian

Historians seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Showtime series The Tudors, which has been recently sold to the BBC. Some say it "distorts history for dramatic effect" but has "undoubtedly stimulated interest in British history."

[ANT] Last Chance Tourney

The Honourable Barony of Dragon's Laire invites you to enjoy one last chance to camp under the starry skies when the fall is in the air. Warriors are invited to compete for the chance to take their place among the Champions of Dragon's Laire. Heavy Fighters, Rapier Fighters, Archers, Throwers, Equestrian and Youth are invited to test their mettle.

[ANT] Tir Righ A and S Championship

Their Highnesses of Tir Righ, Ulgar & Renee, invite One and All to come and witness the fierce battle for Champion of Arts & Sciences in Tir Righ... Or perhaps you wish to enter the fray yourself... Come and participate in classes, something for everyone, hosted by the University of Tir Righ... Come savour the flavours, mingle with friends, enjoy some entertainment and attend Their Highnesses Court and a memorable Feast for the senses, with a Bardic contest to showcase Tir Righ’s bardic talent...

[OUT] Dragonsspine Baronial A&S and Bardic Competitions

Dragonsspine Baronial A&S and Bardic Competitions, September 26, 2009

Sweden's oldest burial ship found

Archaeologists working on a site near Sunnerby on the island of Kållandsö in Lake Vänern in central Sweden have discovered a 7th century burial ship, the oldest yet uncovered in Scandinavia. The discovery includes animal sacrifices and burial gifts.

[WES] EverBeach War

It's not an Uprising. It's a Rising UP! The Oracles from the deep deserts of Fendrake Marsh have had a vision. "The West Kingdom will fall into the sea and be covered in the waters of the Great Western Oceans." Not ones to miss an opportunity to have fun, the populous of Fendrake Marsh invite you to come join us in competition, in the First EverBeach War, and get your share of future Beachfront Property!fight for? The masses of mercenaries that hope to carve out a new Kingdom of their own, or your rightful ruler, The King of the West?!

Amateur archaeologists drawn to Vindolanda

For over 200 years, archaeologists have been digging at Vindolanda, the 3rd-4th century Roman fort in the north of England. Now volunteers can try their hand at archaeology -- and still find artifacts. (audio)