Archive - Aug 26, 2009

Online registration open for Estrella War XXVI

Lord Reynier de Vriere, Internal Media Deputy for Estrella War XXVI, reports that online registration via the ACCEPS system is now available for the event.

Master Liam's photos of Pennsic 38

Nearly 1,000 pictures of Pennsic 38 are posted on Master Liam St. Liam's web site for public enjoyment.

Dover Castle Great Tower gets "Versace-esque bling"

It took two years and cost UKĀ£2.45m, but English Heritage's project to recreate the opulence of Henry II's England has paid off. A team of experts has restored Dover Castle's Great Tower to its creation in 1179 after the visit of the French king to the shrine of Thomas Becket. (photos)