Archive - Jul 2009

July 22nd

Evidence suggests Galileo may have discovered Neptune

Professor David Jamieson, Head of the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, says examination of the notebooks of Galileo reveal that the Italian scientist probably discovered Neptune over 200 years before its officially-listed discovery date.

July 21st

Incan success at Machu Picchu may have been related to Medieval Warm Period

An article published in the "Climate of the Past Discussions", a discussion group of the European Geosciences Union, concludes that "a period of sustained aridity that began from AD 880, followed by increased warming from AD 1100 that lasted beyond the arrival of the Spanish in AD 1532" was partially responsible for the success of the Inca civilization during that period.

Duchess Arielle The Golden Passes Away

On The morning of Friday July 17th, Duchess Arielle The Golden (Courtney Hester) passed away in a Texas cancer center, after a nine year battle against breast cancer. She was a Duchess of Atlantia. Her husband, Duke Valharic, was at her side.

Two tapped for Peerages at AEthelmearc Court

THL Brandubh Ó Donnghaile, Silver Buccle Herald for the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, reports that at the Court of Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain in Their Barony of Saint Swithins Bog, two members of the populace were recognized as Peers in the SCA and invited to join the Orders of the Pelican and the Laurel.

July 20th

Heraldic Walking Tours at Pennsic

Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill reports that the Kingdom of Atlantia will host two Heraldic Walking Tours of the Pennsic War.

"Waves on the Shore" CD available online

THL Emer nic Aidan (Emily Holbert Kellam) of the Kingdom of Ealdormere reports that her first CD of bardic folk music is now available for purchase online.

July 19th

[ANS] Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College

Are you looking to enter into an Arts and Sciences Display? Are you wanting to learn more about the SCA or take a class or two? Then we have the perfect event for you. On August 15th 2009, please join us for the Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College.

[EAS] St. Festus Faire

The Barony of Dragonship would like to welcome you to St. Festus Faire, a weekend truce from the Hundred Years War. The weekend of September 11th-13th will be a weekend of camping, a Pas D'Armes Tourney, A Glorious Feast, A Laurel's Challenge, an Arts and Sciences Competition, youth fighting, a bardic circle, and lots of fun.

European Textile Forum

Working in historical textile crafts can be a very lonely affair. So why not get together and see what all the others are doing?

[DRA] Autumn Crown Tournament

The Shire of Aventiure invites all of the Kingdom of Drachenwald to attend and cheer on all the worthy warriors and their lovely consorts for the honor of becoming the new Heirs.

[MER] Meridian Grand Tourney 2009

Meridians rally to your Crown, warriors don harness and helm, hoist your banners, put on your best household livery, grab your list tree shield, hold close the honor of your inspiration, and attend. At this illustrious event, we ask all to display their heraldry, banners, and wear their Meridian best to cheer these honored combatants in a full day devoted to heavy combat.

[ANT] Dragon’s Down

The Shire of Fire Mountain Keep invites you to attend our Heavy Tournament Saturday. Our Rapier Tournament will be Sunday am! Also there will be Archery.

Gleann Abhann spring 2009 Coronation photos online

Danielle reports that she has created an album of photos from the Spring 2009 Coronation in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. The album is posted on SmugMug.

Making medieval manuscripts

Anyone teaching classes on how to make medieval manuscripts will want to take a look at the Free Library of Philadelphia's website on How Illuminated Manuscripts were Made, which takes visitors through the process of creating a manuscript from parchmenter to bookseller.

Dinner at Olde Hansa

Planning a visit to Estonia? You might want to stop by for dinner at Olde hansa, a medieval-themed restaurant "established to honour the Hanseatic League and our forefathers and foremothers." (video)

July 18th

Spanish ceremonial armor exhibit in Washington D.C.

Pennsic attendees may want to take a side trip to Washington D.C. to view an exhibit of Spanish art and ceremonial armor. The Art of Power: Royal Armor and Portraits From Imperial Spain will be on display at the National Gallery of Art through November 1, 2009. (photos)

Position Opening Soon-Society Equestrian Marshal

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., has announced that applications are now being taken for the position of Society Equestrian Marshal.

Hirsch and Magdalena new Heirs to the Throne of Calontir

Aleksandr reports, via Twitter and repeated on the Calontir list, that Sir Hirsch Ross Eichmann was the victor of the July 11, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir. Sir Hirsch was inspired by Magdelena.

July 17th

[MID] Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry

Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry to take place at Their Majesties' pleasure September 4-6 AS XLIV

[GLE] Blackwood's Summer Sizzle

Join Shire Blackwood for Fighter Practice & Fellowship!

[MID] Norse Life and Culture Seminar

Announcing, a Norse Life and Culture Seminar April 10, 2010 Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

[WES] Shire Wars

Come one and all to the War of the Shires! Teufelberg and Canale will go to battle at Camp Herms in El Cerrito on August 21st thru 23 (Gate opens at noon on Friday and closes at 5 on Sunday)

Sir Owen ap Aeddan victor in Ansteorra Crown Tourney

Countess Margaret ny Connor of the Barony of the Steppes reports that Sir Owen ap Aeddan defeated Count Romanius and Sir Louie in the round robin final of the July 11, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

[ANT] Autumn War

My Lords and Ladies. The Barony of Blatha an Oir and the Barony of Stromgard, being unable to settle their differences peacefully, have 'regretfully' announced that they have no choice but to settle them on the battlefield.

Shava's photos from Northshield Coronation

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva reports that she has posted photos from the Spring 2009 Coronation in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Ealdormere's Baronial Muster event cancelled

Lady Moira ni Namara, Senechal of the Canton of Greyfells, reports that Baronial Muster, scheduled for July 17-19, 2009, has been cancelled.

Remains of a Stirling knight

Researchers believe that the skeleton of a young man found at Stirling Castle in Scotland may be those of a knight killed in battle in the early 15th century. The bones were discovered in the castle's chapel in 1997.

July 16th

In Need of Volunteers for Children's Fete

Lady Elisabeth Hänsler reports that volunteers are still needed for the Children's Fete at the upcoming Pennsic War.

Uprising XXIII photos and video online

Darius, Web Master for the Kingdom of Artemisia, reports that he has created an album of photos from the recent Uprising XXIII in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Vatican tomb declared that of St. Paul

Remains discovered in 2006 beneath the Vatican have been declared to belong to St.Paul, according to Pope Benedict. The tomb bore the epigraph Paulo Apostolo Mart (Paul the Apostle and Martyr).