Archive - Jul 7, 2009

[OUT] Defender's Folly

Since our conquest of the Northern Outlands is complete, we decided that this year would be a good time to combine Jester's Folly and Caer Galen Defender.

[MID] A Simple Day in the Country

The Barony of Sternfeld in Indiana presents A Simple Day in the Country July 17th to 19th, 2009 Last Chance to Authorize before Pennsic! Enjoy a satiating Feast, Dancing, Bardic Circle and Friends after a Great day of Classes, Melees, Archery and Fighting!

[ATL] Atlantia Fall Coronation

Their Royal Highnesses Vladimir and Kalisa have chosen the lands of Stierbach to take their elevation to the Rightful Throne of Atlantia. Messengers have informed them that Stierbach’s Natal Celebration has been set for the last weekend in August. TRHs have chosen to join the two into one massive celebration. Pack your wagons and journey to Stierbach for what will be the event of the season!

600 Sq. Ft., 1,700 Year Roman Old Mosaic Revealed in Israel

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered for public view "one of the largest and best preserved mosaics ever found."

View Whitehall Roman bathhouse for last time

The community archaeological project at Nether Heyford in Northamptonshire, UK will face a bittersweet milestone on July 12, 2009 when the Roman bathhouse will be able to be viewed for the last time before being re-covered. While that building is being preserved for future study, others, such as the Roman villa, continue to be investigated.

Known World Handbook project update

Baron Kainin, Known World Handbook Deputy to the President, SCA, Inc., Patrick Anderson, reports that articles are still needed for the upcoming revision of the Known World Handbook.