Archive - Jun 13, 2009

Atenveldt Spring Coronation 2009 photos

Master Godfrey von Rheinfels has created an album of photos from the recent Coronation in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

To see Roman France, go south

When asked the best way to view the Roman heritage of France, Patrick Périn, the director of the Musée des Antiquités Nationales replied, "Go South." That is what travel reporter Elaine Sciolino did to research her article for the New York Times. (photos)

Anno Societatis "?"

Constantly confused about what year it is in SCA terms? The SCA Calendar web page can help. The page provides a table of modern dates and their corresponding SCA dates from May 1, 1966 to April 30, 2011.

Defining the Middle Ages

Many re-enactors have difficulty defining the time period of the Middle Ages or the term "medieval." Wikipedia can help. The free encyclopedia has a comprehensive page with many links that can help answer questions about what the Middle Ages really were all about.