Archive - May 9, 2009

"Haggis Song" available to hear online

Folk singer and SCA bard Ken Theriot offers several albums of period-esque songs produced by Raven Boy Music. A few of his songs are available on the website. Included in the selections is the hilarious Haggis Song.

[EAS] Known World Academy of the Rapier & Known World Costumers Symposium

The Baronies of Bhakail and Iron Bog in the Kingdom of the East invite you to join us on Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 9 - Oct. 11) in Philadelphia for this year's Known World Academy of the Rapier and Known World Costuming Symposium! This event will include two days of classes on both subjects as well as a cocktail party and Masked Ball featuring music performed by the Bhakailie Branslers Saturday evening.

A Viking dreams of home

Ray Hamaker has dreams of being a Viking. He shares them in a promotional video for the Granlibakken Resort in Lake Tahoe. The video is on YouTube.