Archive - May 7, 2009

[ATE] Big Feast

The Big Feast will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona.

[ANS] Steppes Warlord XXXVI

Steppes Warlord will be held Memorial Day weekend, May 22nd - 25th 2009. It is at Canton First Monday Trade Days Campground in Canton, Texas just off IH 20, approximately 1 hour east of Dallas, Texas.

[DRA] Cudgel War VII

Cudgel War is back again! Still not as bloody as the historical original, but surely as rich in events also this time! The honourable Canton of Humalasalo offers you once more a wonderful opportunity to participate in an Aarnimetsän tent camp. During this 10 day event you have a lot of activities to choose from: there are heavy fighting tourneys (Nordic 1000) and three days of war, fencing, archery, arts and sciences lectures and competitions, dancing, games... And, of course, you get to enjoy the Finnish summer, sauna and socializing around the fire!

[EAL] Crown Tournament

The populace of the Kingdom of Ealdormere are invited to the Crown Tournament hosted by Caer Draeth May 23, 2009.

[EAS] Henry V: Dinner and Shakespeare

The Barony of Carolingia bid you join us on June 6, 2009 from 5 - 10pm in a delectable buffet and an evening of bardic theater to entertain.

Baroness Aurelia Rufinia will begin the evening with a tantalizing Elizabethan repast from her kitchen including a menu of rabbit pies and various other delights.

Following the meal, settle in as the Baronial players present William

[MER] Border Raids XXXV

The Incipient Shire of Redewolfden and the Shire of Loch an Fhraoich proudly present Border Raids XXXV 26-28 June, 2009

Historical Pourpoint doublet pattern now available

Tasha McGann has announced the publication of her new historical pattern for a cote-hardie or arming doublet. The pattern, which was researched for over eight months, is designed as a foundation garment to be worn under other clothing or armor. (photo)

LOL in the SCA

No one ever said people in the SCA didn't have a sense of humor. Now the Middle Ages meets the Age of Twitter with I Can Haz Anakronizum? on LiveJournal. (PG-13 for language).

How Galileo changed the way we view the universe

Galileo Galilei was not the first to make a telescope, nor the first to use it to observe the heavens, but his observations of the moon and stars are widely regarded as a seminal event in the history of astronomy and religion.