Archive - Apr 16, 2009

Interpretive dance in Ered Sul

Life must be exciting in the Barony of erd Sul, Kingdom of Atenveldt, if one may judge by a video of Baron Christopher Fitzarthur performing an interpretive dance "of a young warrior putting on his armor, forgetting his pants, trying to get on a horse, and finally getting to the battle." Posted on YouTube.

Historic photo proves early equestrian participation

Those who believe that equestrian activities are new in the Society for Creative Anachronism, will want to pay a visit to the The History of the Kingdom of The West: The First Coronation and Crown Tournament website and view the photo of Henrik of Havn.

Caelin on Andrede's Gulf Wars photos

Caelin on Andrede has posted his photos from the recent Gulf Wars XVIII on his Flickr website. The six albums of pictures are divided by days at the event.