Archive - Mar 4, 2009

3M™ introduces "Nuclear Grade" duct tape

For fighters who are concerned about the vulnerability of their current weapons wrap, the 3M™ Company has introduced Performance Plus Duct Tape, described on their website as "nuclear grade."

Mary Rose to get its own museum

Plans are finally underway for the construction of a museum honoring the Tudor warship Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship which sank in 1545 with the loss of 400 lives.

"O Fortuna" demystified

Over the years, many of us have marveled at the power that "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana had as a soundtrack to film battle scenes. Yet, have we ever considered the lyrics to the piece? A video on YouTube offers a "karaoke" version of the work, complete with an English translation of the Latin words.

Amy Marie MacCormack vigiled in Atenveldt

Dame Angele Plaisance reports that Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have commanded Lady Amy Marie MacCormack to sit vigil in contemplation of elevation to the Order of the Laurel.