Archive - Mar 26, 2009

Sherwood "infested" by Robin Hood?

According to a 15th century history book, Robin Hood may not have been as popular with the common people as believed. According to art historian Julian Luxford, Robin and his merry men "infested" Sherwood Forest with their thieving ways.

Vikings were "model immigrants"

A three-day conference at Cambridge University may shake up traditional views of Vikings. The new study will show that, far from marauding barbarians, the Norse were "more cultured settlers who offered a 'good historical model' of immigrant assimilation."

Bards rule at Highland Foorde St. Patrick's celebration

The bards of Highland Foorde led the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day at Schifferstadt, an historic 18th century German house in Frederick, Maryland. Staff writer Katherine Mullen of The Gazette joined in the festivities and provided a review.