Archive - Mar 21, 2009

Ealdormere 12th Night photos online

Eirik Andersen has posted an album of photos from several 2009 Ealdormere Twelfth Night events on the Two Ravens website.

Solving Charlemagne's brainteasers

Charlemagne liked a challenge, and he believed that the youth of his empire should be challenged as well. For that reason he commissioned an English scholar named Alcuin to compile Problems to Sharpen the Young, a collection of puzzles and brainteasers.

Craven and Elzbieta new Heirs to Atenveldt

At the March 7, 2009 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, Duke Sir Cosmo Craven defeated a field of combatants to be crowned Heir to the Throne of Atenveldt.

New "Henry V" aimed at youth

A new production of Shakespeare's Henry V at the New Victory Theater, the family-friendly theater in New York City, co-produced by the Acting Company and the Guthrie Theater, offers fast-paced staging aimed at the theater's young audience. Charles Isherwood of the New York Times has a review.