Archive - Mar 12, 2009

Display of artifacts from Shah Abbas I at British Museum

A new exhibit of Iranian art dating to the 16th and 17th centuries is now open at the British Museum in London. Shah 'Abba's The Remaking of Iran will run through June 2009.

Example of anti-plague burial ritual unearthed in Venice

Archaeologists excavating medieval mass graves in Venice have uncovered a woman buried with a brick in her mouth to stop her chewing on her bloody burial shroud after death, a practice believed at that time to spread the plague.

[ART] Southern Regional Combined Collegium

As the winter snows begin to thaw throughout these laurel lands, it is time for the denizens of our great Kingdom to consider pursuing endeavors of higher learning. The citizens of Artemisia and the Known Worlde are invited to come and learn new skills, new trades, and new arts and to share what you know with others at a combined Southern Regional Collegium to be held April 11, 2009.

Photos from Estrella XXV

Hrothgar and Amba, from the Kingdom of Calontir, share photos from the recent Estrella War XXV.

[OUT] Spring Crown Tournament

As the last of the cold winter breezes sweep across the Outlands, the time comes for our beloved King and Queen, Alrik II and Salomea to find Heirs to Their Mighty Kingdom. In true Outlandish fashion, They will hold a Grand Tournament. The warrior who emerges victorious, along with his or her consort shall, by Their Majesties grace, become the Crown Prince and Princess of the Outlands and will indeed be next in line to sit on the Stag Thrones!!!

Thousands of historical documents lost in building collapse

The City Archives building in Cologne, Germany collapsed unexpectedly on March 3, 2009. Six stories of archival storage were destroyed, including documents dating from the 10th century and the minutes of Cologne town council meetings recorded in an unbroken line back to 1376.