Archive - Mar 10, 2009

Spirits reign in 12th century French house

Writer, chef, and cooking school owner Susan Herrmann Loomis suspects that spirits may inhabit one room of her 12th century house in Louviers, a small Norman town north of Paris. Ronert P. Walzer of the New York Times looks at Loomis' renovation of the labyrinthan house into a home and cooking school.

Sarr beads on Wikipedia

A Wikipedia entry chronicles a collection of Anglo-Saxon beads found in a cemetery in Sarr in the mid-19th century. The site includes a large drawing of the various beads.

Polish re-enactor tour

Eryk Jadaszewski reports that an Husaria Tour of Poland will take place August 11 - 24, 2009, and will include "participation in the Vivat Vasa event held annually at the 800 year old Gniew Castle."

Photograph reveals "Essence of Stonehenge"

A recent photo contest by Amateur Photographer magazine called for camera buffs to capture the "Essence of Stonehenge." (photo)