Archive - Dec 8, 2009

Archaeologists ponder "Secrets of Shangri-La"

Archaeologists believe they have found Shangra-La in the form of Himalayan caves holding wall paintings, illuminations and 15th century religious texts. (photos)

Caelin on Andrede's photos from Bordermarch 2009

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted an album of photos from Bordermarch 2009 which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available on Flickr.

Search for tomb of Genghis Khan continues

Traditionally, the grave of Mongol leader Genghis Khan, who died in 1227, was kept secret to keep enemies from desecrating it, and for years archaeologists have sought to find it. Now a new expedition hopes to discover a veritable "Mongolian Valley of the Kings."