Archive - Nov 7, 2009

Experts look to art for new information on the Crusades

The discovery of two Crusader-era murals in a church in Syria may offer archaeologists insight into the history of Christianity during the Middle Ages. The murals are the first found in the Middle East which depict heaven and hell as subject matter.

Gaming like it's 1066

1066, an online game produced by the BBC's Channel 4, allows players to recreate the "English vs Vikings" battles of 1066.

Northshield Fall 2009 Coronation and Caer Anterth Mawr 30th Anniversary photos online

Elspeth O'Leary has created two albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of Northshield and has posted them on the Northshield Gallery website.

From the Quarter: Whack-a-Peer

The Quarter strikes again with a very silly - but fun - game of "Whack a Peer" in which players are encouraged to whack, poke at, or in some way annoy Peers of the Kingdom of Trimaris for points.