Archive - Oct 2, 2009

The Known World Handbook Needs Your Help

Baron Kainin, Known World Handbook Deputy to the President, SCA, Inc., requests the help of SCA members to complete the project by contributing articles on a number of subjects.

Farewell to Duchess Kolfinna Kottr

We sadly report that Duchess Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP, modernly known as Kitty Sexton, entered the halls of Valhalla on Thursday, October 1, 2009 as a result of illness.

[ATL] Tournament of the Lily

The goal of this SCA event is to recreate a late 15th century passage of arms, or 'pas d'armes' ([pah-darm]) as it would be said in French. You'll hear it spoken often as simply a 'pas'. We think it would be especially cool if everyone made a strong attempt to be dressed (or armed if you're fighting) in a style appropriate to the time period between 1400-1499. If you really want to focus, know that our target is 1480.

[EAL] Crown Tournament

The Canton of Ard Chreag is proud to host: The Glorious Crown Tournament of the Kingdom of Ealdormrere Saturday, October 31st, 2009

[ART] Feast of St. Esebell /Baronial Investiture

Come join us as we witness the stepping down of Baron Hachmood Braden von Soberheim & Baroness Mistress Giliana Attewatyr, the Investiture of 8th Baron and Baroness for Arn Hold, and last but not least we will choose a new Baronial A&S Champion AND our FIRST Baronial Youth A&S Champion.

Gulf Coast Full Contact Jousting Tournament

On January 22, 23 and 24, 2010, at The Escambia County Equestrian Center, 7750 Mobile Hwy., Pensacola, FL,32526, the GULF COAST FULL CONTACT JOUSTING TOURNAMENT will be held from 6-10 pm Friday Jan. 22, 12-4 pm Saturday Jan. 23 and again at 6-10 pm Saturday Jan. 23, and 1-4 pm Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010.

[EAS] Winter War 13

So it's the middle of the winter and you've been cooped up drinking mead by the fire, telling the same war stories since August. We have the solution… make some new ones! Northern Outpost is proud to host its 13th annual Winter War! Knock the rust off your armour, dust off your bow, polish up your rapier, and come join us! Last year we had fighters from Ealdormere and Aethelmearc, so you may get to test your prowess against, and fight beside, people you normally wouldn't.

[NOR] Siege the Day

Shattered Oak Shire's Fifth Siege the Day Event is coming soon! Saturday will be an open demonstration open to the public. Help us replicate a Medieval Siege. You'll see Siege Weapons demonstrations & contests, engage in Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery & Thrown Weapon competitions, Artisans Row,

[AET] Queen's Rapier Champion

The Shire of Sunderoak invites one and all to attend as Her Majesty Elena chooses the next Queen's Rapier Champion Saturday, October 3, 2009

Estrella War News You Can Use

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall has released more important news from the upcoming Estrella War XXVI.