Archive - Jan 11, 2009

10th century Viking ring found in Sedbergh, England

Two farmers digging in a muddy drainage channel were surprised to see the glint of gold recently and even more surprised to discover a 10th century CE gold Viking ring.

Art Wars at Atheneum II

Kenna reports that the upcoming Athenaeum II, which will take place April 17-19, 2009 in the Shire of Tor an Riogh (Kingdom of Gleann Abhann) will feature an Art War.

Early Highland Warror Clothing

Writer Jennifer Hudson Taylor discusses the medieval clothing worn by Scottish highlanders, citing research she conducted for an upcoming novel.

10th century Russian tabletweaving featured in "Archaeological Textiles Newsletter"

Ingvild of the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that the December 2008 issue of the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter includes an article by Kirill Mikhailov, "New Finds of Viking Age Textiles in Ukraine and Russia" which discusses the 10th-century, brocaded, tabletwoven bands.