Archive - 2008

November 10th

[MID] Christmas Toy Tourney XXXVII

The Barony of the Flame presents Christmas Toy Tourney XXXVII December 6, 2008 at the Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center, Crestwood, Kentucky.

Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center
KY Methodist Conference Center
7505 Kavanaugh Road
Crestwood, KY 40014

Site is STRICTLY Dry
Service animals ONLY

Tavern style lunch will be available on site. Fee's and menu coming soon. Location:
Barony of the Flame (Crestwood, Kentucky)

[LOC] Vyl Rest and Relaxation Weekend

Come and join the citizens of Torlyon, on the 6th and 7th December, as they celebrate their Seneschal Gregory the Vyl's birthday with a Vyl Rest and Relaxation weekend.

Come and do nothing if you like, just eat and laze in the shade of cool trees.

Meals will be BBQ style - cook it yourself or someone will cook it for you (you ARE resting).

Cost for the weekend $45 or $30 for the day. Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass, New South Wales)

[GLE] Gulf Wars XVIII

Listen, in the distance... can you hear the sound of the drums? Our scouts bring news that war is brewing in the Southern reaches of Gleann Abhann. The armies of Ansteorra, Trimaris, Meridies, and others are gathering on our borders. Whilst their intentions are as yet not fully known, we must nevertheless prepare to defend our lands against the impending unrest!

Your Crown and Kingdom are in dire need of your loyalty, strength and might! Gather your Baronies, Shires, and Households. Don your armor, pack your bow, and your arts and sciences projects. Gulf Wars approaches and we seek every able bodied person amongst us to bring their skills, talents, and knowledge to the War to share with the known world. Location:
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Lumberton, Mississippi)

[DRA] Medieval Herb Workshop and Yuletide Revel

The Baron of Knight's Crossing, vassal of the mighty throne of Drachenwald, is has invited one of the finest herbalists and apothecaries in the land to provide instruction in the types and use of medicinal herbs.

Following the hours of learning, there shall be a revel to celebrate the yuletide, with feasting, dancing and sundry games - even if you have no interest in herbs, come and celebrate! On the morrow following the revel, Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Roedermark, Germany)

[WES] Darkwood Winter Archery Tourney / Hawks’ Feast

We look forward to welcoming you to the Winter Darkwood Archery Tourney. We will be running the Royal Rounds as usual, with submissions going towards IKAC ranking. This year the range will be set up to include shooters in the Children's Division.

Bring your banners to dress up the field! Marshals and time permitting, we shall also be holding a variety of other shoots, including combat archery. Prizes will be awarded for the highest scores! If you have anything that you would like to see run, please contact the autocrat Location:
Canton of Hawks' Haven (Morgan Hill, California)

Six-day A&S Collegium at Estrella XXV

Dame Jennifer Trethewy, Estrella A&S collegium Coordinator, reports that there will be a Six-Day Collegium of classes at Estrella XXV.

[ATE] First Annual Northern Yule

The season of warmth is at its end and the gentle white blanket of winter prepares to claim its place in the cool pines surrounding the Northlands. All are invited to draw nigh and sit by the warm hearth of friendship and witness the challenges of the day.

A gathering of friends and kin would not be complete without food and drink. Let us feast! THLord Lutold von Sonnenthal will prepare this year’s feast with a little bit of German Flair! Volunteers for entertainment between removes will be greatly appreciated, please contact the autocrat to be put on the schedule of events. Location:
Shire of Granite Mountain (Prescott, Arizona)

[WES] West Kingdom 12th Night

Is this your first event? We can help. We ask that everyone who is attending make an attempt at pre-17th Century clothing. We refer to this clothing as garb. We have an officer who will bring garb for you to wear. The office is called Gold Key. Please email Gold Key (remove the spaces in the address) so that she is prepared and brings garb for you. She will be in the Courtyard room off of the hotel lobby. Location:
Shire of Canale (Santa Nella, California)

November 9th

Hunter's Moon photos online

Katriona reports that photos from the recent Hunter's Moon event in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc are now available to view online.

Digital books available from the British Library

In its Treasures in Full program, the British Library is offering "high-quality digital editions, free to your desktop."

Da Vinci exhibit at The Tech

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA is hosting an exhibit celebrating "the remarkable achievements of fifteenth century artist-engineers - Filippo Brunelleschi, The Sienese Engineers, and Leonardo da Vinci" through January 4, 2009.

November 8th

13th century brooch declared treasure

A 13th century pentambular brooch discovered by a metal detector is Hampshire, England, in February 2008 has been declared treasure by North East Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley. (photo)

New Peers made in the Kingdom of Atlantia

Baron Michael Batcok, Albatross Herald of the Kingdom of Atlantia, reports that at the recent War of the Wings III event, Their Majesties Jason and Gerhild chose to elevate Baroness Alesia Gillefalyn to the Order of the Pelican and offer Knighthood to Lord Afshin Darius.

Did Norse bring Christianity to Scotland?

A team of archaeologists from the University of Nottingham are trying to determine if Vikings brought Christianity to Caithness, Scotland before Saint Columba brought the religion to Iona. (video)

November 7th

New Baron and Baroness for River Haven chosen

Their Excellencies Wendell and Catalin, Baron and Baroness of River Haven in the Kingdom of Lochac, have announced that Their successors have been chosen: Master Wolfgang Adolphous Jaeger and Lady Contarina la Bianca.

Anglo Saxon grave reveals links to royalty

The recent discovery of high-status jewelry buried in an Anglo Saxon grave in East Cleveland, England has experts buzzing. The 7th century artifacts are linked to the Northumbrian Royal family.

Kingston, New York shire members "Light up the Dark Ages"

"Initially my friends dragged me into it," said Christine Larsson, who has been a society member for 26 years. "I started cooking because I noticed everybody else's cooking wasn't that good. I had to show them it could be done better." Larsson is a member of the Shire of Nordenhal, the subject of a recent article by Bonnie Langston of the Kingston Daily Freeman.

November 6th

Collegium Cantorum to perform in Washington DC area

Britton reports that Collegium Cantorum, under the direction of Timothy Kendall, will present "Pirchon (or, 'Pete of the Street')", a concert of Renaissance Sacred Polyphony by Pierre de la Rue (c.1452-1518) on November 15 and 16, 2008 in the Washington D.C. area.

Eirik Andersen's photos from Feast of the Bear

Eirik Andersen reports that he has posted photos from the recent Feast of the Bear in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website.

November 5th

9th century shipwreck reveals perfectly-preserved porcelain

The remains of a Chinese ship carrying earthenware jars, painted bowls and gold cups dating to the 7th - 10th centuries, has been discovered off the southeast coast of Sumatra. The lavishness of the artifacts leads experts to speculate that the items might have been gifts from the Tang Emperor.

Historic Corrie's concert to be released on DVD

Advance orders are now being taken for a DVD of the 21st Anniversary Concert of the celebrated Scottish folk group the Corries. The concert was recorded by the BBC in 1981.

Peasants Revolting photos

Berwyn has announced that he has posted an album of photos from the recent "The Peasants are Revolting" event in the Kingdom of Northshield on the Northshield Gallery website.

November 4th

5th-6th century palace discovered in Turkey

Archaeologists working in the Sanliurfa province of southeastern Turkey have discovered the remains of a 5th or 6th century C.E. early Byzantine palace featuring a mosaic of goddess the Kticic.

SCA fits the bill for Wisconsin enrichment program

"Catch a Dragon by the Tale" was the theme for library night, one of the options for kids at Howe Elementary School's After School Academy Program. For another, the Wisconsin Rapids school invited members of the local SCA group to teach students about chivalry.

Stags Con and War Practice photos online

Geillis has posted photos from the recent Stags Con and War Practice events in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

"Flower of Battle Tour" taking reservations in Australia

The Fiore School of Medieval Defence has announced the Flower of Battle Tour of Australia, a four-state series of workshops featuring Fiore instructor Bob Charron.

November 3rd

Pictures and Video of Artemisia's Fall 2008 Crown Tournament

Lady Sine reports that she has posted photos and video from the recent Fall 2008 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Artemisia on her Flickr website.

Virtual tour of Roman Cologne

A new website will soon allow visitors to take a 3D tour of the city of Cologne as it would have been 2,000 years ago. The city, a major trade center, became the Roman Empire's major northern outpost.

Talking SCA Barbie

The scamps at the Socially Challenged Adults Tribe on have re-posted the updated, and marvelously catty, "Talking SCA Barbie" parody which finds the beloved doll taking to medieval re-creation with a wench costume, foxtail and scruffy Ken by her side.

Jousting at WOW III

Elisabeth Hansler of the Canton of Attillium has posted photos from equestrian activities at the recent War of the Wings III in the Kingdom of Atlantia.