Archive - 2008

November 19th

Vienna Schatzkammer photos online

Racaire of the Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum in Vienna, Austria, has posted photos from her recent trip to the Schatzkammer (Treasury) in Vienna, Austria.

Elysant atten Oke elevated to Pelican in the West

Owen ap Morgan reports that Her Majesty Kara of the West Kingdom recently elevated Elysant atten Oke to the Order of the Pelican.

Climate change may have affected Chinese dynasties

A new report by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Lanzhou University in China in the journal Science has linked climate change, especially lack of rainfall, to the rise and fall of dynasties in China.

Road to Alexandria photos online

Llywelyn has posted an album of photos from the recent Road to Alexandria event in the Marche of Gwyntarian (Middle Kingdom) on his Flickr website.

November 18th

Zhigmun Broghammer vigiled in Atenveldt

Sir Elias Loredan reports that a vigil was held October 31, 2008 for Zhigmun Broghammer to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Chivalry.

"Glimmering visions" await visitors to Byzantine treasures exhibit

Visitors to Byzantium: Treasures of a lost empire at London's Royal Academy of Arts are in for a treat. Over 350 seldom-seen artifacts from the museum's collection and others will be on display until March 22, 2009. Rachel Campbell-Johnston of the Times Online has a review.

Gatalop 2008 photos online

V. Danielle of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann has published an album of photos from the recent Gatalop event which took place at the fort on Dauphin Island in Mobile, Alabama (Kingdom of Meridies).

"New" Vikings enjoyed fashion and poetry

Scholars at Cambridge University feel that Vikings have gotten a bad rep, and they have set out to right it by way of a campaign "to recast them as 'new men' with an interest in grooming, fashion and poetry."

November 17th

Shire of Pavlok Gorod goes full status

Lady Tama, Herald and Rapier Marshal for the Shire of Pavlok Gorod, reports that the Shire has achieved Full Status. Pavlok Gorod is located in Kodiak Island, Alaska and is a canton of the Barony of Eskalya (Principality of Oertha, West Kingdom).

Archaeologists continue to search for Hull's ancient friary

Archaeologists working on an excavation in the town of Hull, Yorkshire, are delighted to have discovered the medieval Humber Gate, but are still looking for the elusive Carmelite friary, built in the town in the late 1290's.

It's not the SCA but....

The comedy film Role Models features a young man who engages in medieval fantasy role-playing - played for laughs in this "horny man-child comedy for the overgrown banana peel crowd." But, according to Gina Carbone of Seacoast Online, "The film's major battle is as pumped as any butt-kicking in “The Lord of the Rings” with way better death scenes."

My-Space forum for SCA Newcomers

Shara of Starwood has created a My-Space forum to help newcomers adjust to life in the SCA. SCA Big Brothers / Big Sisters for Newcomers is a "place to discuss anything pertaining to the SCA."

November 16th

Baroness Dagmar Halvdan Wins Lions Road Give Away

Baroness Dagmar Halvdan from the Kingdom of Ealdormere has won the first annual Lions Road Podcast membership giveaway.

Archimedes Palimpsest Project celebrates 10th anniversary

William Noel, Curator of Manuscripts for the Walters Art Museum, reports that the Archimedes Palimpsest Project has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The project was established to rediscover lost passages from the 13th century Byzantine prayerbook containing at seven treatises by Archimedes.

SCA Photograph Contest Welcomes Beginner and Expert Alike.

Lions Road Podcast is holding its end of the year SCA photo contest. In this search for the best photograph they are seeking the best picture, not the best photographer, so anyone can enter and have a fair chance at winning.

Public may help look for tomb of Genghis Khan

800 years after his death, scientists at the University of California San Diego's Center for Interdisciplinary Science in Art, Architecture and Archaeology (CISA3) are using advanced visualization technologies to try to find the long-lost grave of the emperor Genghis Khan.

November 15th

Looking for St. Edmunds

A high-tech survey is underway with hopes of learning more about Suffolk, England's ancient shrine to St. Edmund. The geophysical survey will look for traces of the "outline of vanished workshops, storerooms and refectories - the evidence of an extinct way of life" in the abbey ruins in Bury St Edmunds.

Ealdormere event photos online

Alexander reports that he has posted several albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website.

Study of graves gives new insight into early Norse life

New research on excavations of early pagan Norse burial sites has given scholars a new understanding of the lives of the Vikings, especially in regard to their funeral practices.

Pick the best historical fiction blog

Nan Hawthorne invites readers to visit theTales from the Shield-Wall Books website and vote for the five best historical fiction blogs.

November 14th

Spindle may hold "oldest runic inscription in Iceland"

An 11th century spindle, discovered recently in Reykjavík, Iceland, is inscribed with ruins which may be the oldest yet discovered in the country.

[LOC] Rowany Yule

It's the 13th of December, 19 B.C. and the sundial in the Rowany forum reckons its 2 hours past midday. The Romans under Augustus have finally completed their conquest of the Iberian peninsula, your home and the home of your ancestors. But you just don't care! Your part of the peninsula fell to the Roman war machine over 100 years ago and, besides, your not going to let the news spoil your enjoyment of the afternoon's entertainment. Location:
Barony of Rowany (Silverdale, New South Wales)

[ANS] Stargate Yule

Please join the Barony of Stargate as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary with our annual Yule Celebration. The Barony will also be choosing their A&S and Bardic Champions.

The Norse have opened their longhouse and invited Ansteorra to celebrate the day with feasting, friends, and mirth. This year's Yule theme is based on the Myth of Mistletoe.

Site Info & Fees
St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Location:
Barony of Stargate (Houston, Texas)

[NOR] Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night Hosted by the Barony of Nordskogen January 10th, 2009

Central Middle School
900 49th Ave. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Site opens 9:00 am. - Site closes 7:30 pm.
The site is completely dry and handicap accessible

Event Steward
Eerwaardig Gebiedster Jutta van der Bruegghen

Site Fees Location:
Barony of Nordskogen (Columbia Heights, Minnesota)

[ANT] Tir Righ November Investiture

Their Highnesses Savaric and Safiye, Prince and Princess of Tir Righ, invite you to bear witness to the elevation of Their Heirs to the Storm Thrones. This event includes the Principality challenges for the A&S Champion and the Rapier Champion, classes hosted by the University of Tir Righ and a Middle Eastern Town Square Revel. Come and mingle, enjoy a beverage, dance to our talented drummers and musicians. Location:
Barony of Lions Gate (Pitt Meadows, British Columbia)

[ATL] Winter's Welcome Revel

As the Yuletide approaches, we gather with friends and celebrate the season with music, games, dance and a lavish afternoon feast.

Arts & Sciences Activities:
Performances will be held throughout the day. If you'd like to compete for Kingdom Bard at 12th Night, use this event as your dress rehearsal! Please contact Lady Millicent Chandler ( if you are interested in performing. Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Falls Church, Virginia)

St Luke's Artisan's Faire photos online

Tannis shares an album of photos of A&S projects displayed at St Luke's Artisan's Faire which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Daniel de Blare wins Cynaguan Coronet

Hobbit reports that Daniel de Blare, fighting for Aeschine Colquhoun, was the victor of the recent Coronet Tournament in the Principality of Cynagua (West Kingdom).

President's Report of the October 2008 Board Meeting

Patrick Anderson, President, SCA Inc., has published his report from the October 18, 2008 SCA Board of Director's meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

November 13th

Martino and Ariel new Heirs to Calontir

Carmina reports that Martino, inspired by Ariel, was the winner of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir.