Archive - 2008

October 3rd

"Forme of Cury," King Richard II's recipe book, online

A manuscript containing over 400 recipes dating to the time of King Richard II is being digitized in preparation for online release. The manuscript is one of 40 in a project by the University of Manchester's John Rylands University Library. (photo)

Additional Nibelungen War videos and photos online

Apollonia Voss of the Eastrealm shares videos from the recent Nibelungen War in the Kingdom of Drachenwald on YouTube. The videos were taken of several battles.

October 2nd

"Hogwarts Professor" claims alchemy used to change characters in Potter books

John Granger believes there is so much more to the Harry Potter universe than magic potions. He shares his thoughts through a series of books and lectures which, he hopes, "disclose the underlying symbolism hidden in the so-called 'children’s stories.'"

Northshield Coronation photos online

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva of the Kingdom of Northshield shares photos from the recent Coronation of Kitadate-tenno and AEsa Drottning in that Kingdom.

Re-enactor fairs provide shopping opportunities

Genevieve reports that two living history fairs aimed at separating re-enactors from their coin will take place this fall in Great Britain.

Pictures from Meridies Coronation and 30th Anniversary

Lady Flannait reports that she has posted an album of photos from the recent Coronation in the Kingdom of Meridies.

October 1st

Mystery man claims to have found the real "Stone of Destiny"

For years, controversy has surrounded the Stone of Destiny, a relic on display in Edinburgh Castle, with skeptics insisting that the Stone was a fake. Now a "mystery man" claims to have found the real stone in a seaside cave.

[CAL] Charlemagne’s Oktoberfest

Come join the Shire of Standing Stones in recalling Charlemagne on the 10th-12th of October.

Fighting will reflect the raiding and counter-raiding nature of the long war against the Saxons. There will be a series of melees in a variety of terrains involving gathering the treasure of Saxony. We ask that fighters limit themselves to the weapons of the age, those being round and oval shields, swords, axes, and six-foot spears. Location:
Shire of Standing Stones (Huntsdale, Missouri)

[EAS] Mimir's Well II

Parched for Knowledge? Come take another drink from Mimir's Well. We'll have a wide variety of A&S and martial classes, as well as an open exhibition of the work of our artisans and scholars (particularly around a Crusades theme, in honor of TRM Darius and Alethea, but all works are welcome!), an Artist's Meet-and-Greet during the delicious dayboard prepared by the Freehold Cooks Guild, and a chance to relax and socialize over delicacies donated the Freehold Cooks at our end-of-day reception, including our doorprize raffle! Location:
Shire of Mountain Freehold (Warren, Vermont)

[ATE] Barony of Atenveldt Novice Tourney

On October 15th (it's a Wednesday) Their Excellencies are hosting the 4th Barony of Atenveldt Novice Tourney.

The lists are open to ALL non-belted fighters of this fine Kingdom of Atenveldt, please come participate and help support this tournament & our fighters. There will be prizes awarded for the winner in each list as well as a prize for best field presence (appearance, manners, etc) in each list (to be decided by the Baron/Baroness). Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Phoenix, Arizona)

[WES] Oertha's Winter Coronet

Hail Oertha! Prinz Karl Helweg and Prinzessin Elisa von Sophey cordially invite you to a very Landsknecht Coronet, to be held the 17th and 18th of January, 2009 at University of Alaska Anchorage’s Student Union, in the Den.

Site information:
Site will be open from 10 AM until 10 PM on Saturday and from 10 AM until 6 PM Sunday

Site fee will be set as follows:
Adults - $20
Children under 12 - $15 Location:
Principality of Oertha (Anchorage, Alaska)

Photos from Nibelungen War

Himiltrude and Alenn have posted albums of photos taken at the recent Nibelungen War in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

[NOR] Creating the Creative

Creating the Creative, SCA 101: A day of classes for newcomers and old-timers alike who want to learn something new!

October 18, 2008

Bunker Hills Regional Park Activities Center Building
550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
Andover Minnesota 55304
(in the northern Twin Cities - 2 miles west of Hwy 65 on Bunker Lake Blvd)

Class-focused event with the sole purpose of getting people involved in different aspects of the SCA by holding classes in anything and everything. Have you always wanted to try a craft but didn't know how? Interested in taking an office but not sure what's involved? Location:
Barony of Nordskogen (Andover, Minnesota)

Abbey found at Abbeytown

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that archaeologists were able to uncover the remains of a 12th century abbey at Abbeytown in West Cumbria, England, but the discovery was made during rebuilding of the more recent Holme Cultram Abbey which burned in 2006.

Midrealm Coronation of Ullr and AnneLyse Photo Album

Nevik Demonovich has posted a small gallery of photographs taken at the Coronation of Ullr & AnneLyse in the Barony of Fenix on September 27, 2008.

September 30th

Lakenheath dig reveals 450 Saxon graves

Over 400 graves dating to the Saxon period have been discovered at the site of a road project near the RAF facility Lakenheath in Suffolk, England.

[DRA] Petrarca IV

Petrarca - Hike in Garb. 29th Nov. 2008 09.30 Meet at train station on Lichtenfels (north of Nuremberg)

We are following the old St. James Way to Nuremberg.
Route: ca. 7 - 10 km
Train station Bad Staffelstein
For all Petrarca hikes does apply: Please come as authentic as possible, hide modern equipment or don't bring it at all. Please wear good shoes! You can cover your hiking boots, shouldn't Location:
(Lichtenfels, Germany)

[CAL] RUSH: Silk Road Symposium

RUSH: Silk Road Symposium, Hosted by the Shire of Crystal Mynes

Fairview Christian Church
2320 Grand Ave
Carthage, MO 64836
October 25, 2008

Site opens at 8am
Closes at 8pm

Site Fee: Adults $5.00, Children (over 10) $2.00 $3.00 Non-member surcharge will apply

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc, Shire of Crystal Mynes

Site is DRY, DRY, DRY!!!! Location:
Shire of Crystal Mynes (Carthage, Missouri)

[CAL] Calontir Cook's Symposium 2009

Join us in a symposium dedicated to period cooking, period cooking techniques, period cooking texts, feast stewarding, and other medieval cooking topics. There will be classes all day long, a key note speech over lunch, and a chance to show off your cooking skills during the potluck dinner that evening.

Key Note Speaker: Dame Alys Katherine

This year's symposium will feature a themed track of Subtleties and Sugar Work. Location:
Shire of Lost Moor (Easton, Missouri)

[NOR] Boar's Head XXXI

The Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr and Their Excellencies Kateryn of Cornwall and Alasdair Calum Montgomery present Boar’s Head XXXI!

Activities abound for the Lords and Ladies who find excitement in the art of honorable combat as there will be tourneys for armored, unarmored, and youth combatants to test their prowess and show their chivalry, as well as for those who are thrilled by opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill in an array of wonderful classes! Hunt for treasures amongst the merchants' wares at market! And even enjoy a delicious afternoon meal which is sure to please the palate! Location:
Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr (West Bend, Wisconsin)

[OUT] Al-Barran Midwinter

Unto the Known World, do Their Excellencies Sir Gregor and Lady Monika, Baron and Baroness of al-Barran wish to invite one and all to celebrate this yuletide season with Them at al-Barran's Midwinter.

Let us reminisce over all that makes al-Barran the great Barony it has become. From Sir Raymond the Quiet, Baron al-Barran to the two reigns of Sir Stefan and Mistress Beau, to our present Baron and Baroness Sir Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[OUT] Unser Hafen's Newcomers' Event

Unser Hafen's Newcomers' Event: A Pilgrimage to Canterbury Saturday, October 18, 2008 from 10 am to 9 pm At Sumitview Church, Fort Collins, Colorado Hosted by the Barony of Unser Hafen

And specially from every shires ende
Of Engelond to Caunterbury they wende.

Translation: Join our merry band of pilgrims as we wend our way through a day packed with fun and activities for all. Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Fort Collins, Colorado)

[OUT] al-Barran Day of A&S

al-Barran Day of A&S “A Silver Lining” November 22, 2008

Sandia Preparatory School
532 Osuna Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Site Fee: None – although we are asking for a new, unwrapped toy or $5 donation for Toys for Tots.

al-Barran A&S Champion Competition – A body of work containing three to five entries along with short documentation of no more than two pages for each Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[EAL] Huntsman's Harvest

The war season is over and our folk have returned to their homes to reap the benefits of a most bountiful harvest. Come and celebrate the great deeds of the past year with us as we spend a day in feast, tournament, drink and song.

Join their Excellencies of Ben Dunfirth and take part in glorious challenges in the field with armoured combat, cunning duels on the lists of fencing and devious shoots a plenty for our many archers, who come from far and wide to test their mettle. Come share your bounty with us Ealdormere and you shall be welcomed to a day of pleasure, challenge and good cheer. Location:
Barony of Ben Dunfirth (Binbrook, Ontario)

[ART] Kingdom Arts, Sciences & Fighting Collegium

Come one and all to this year’s Kingdom Arts, Sciences & Fighting Collegium held on November 8, 2008. Find out what happens when four groups in Artemisia combine forces to present a most wonderful and exciting event. The Baby Barony of Gryphon’s Lair, the Ancient Barony of Loch Salann, The Stalwart Shire of Cote du Ciel and the newborn Province of Arrow’s Flight will treat you to a magnificent lunch and a day filled with amazing classes. Location:
Barony of Gryphon’s Lair (Clearfield, Utah)

Atlantia Coronation and Chalice V pictures online

Belphoebe shares photos from the recent Coronation of Jason and Gerhild in the Kingdom of Atlantia on her SmugMug website.

Community aids in discovery of Roman road

Over 40 members of the community recently helped to uncover a previously unknown section of Roman road near Minshull Vernon, England. The road would have connected Whitchurch to Middlewich.

September 29th

Eirik Andersen's 2008 Spring Crown Tourney Photos

THL Eirik Andersen has posted his photos of the 2008 Spring Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on his Two Ravens website.

Swords swing at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater

SCAdians from the Province of Mooneschadowe in Stillwater, Oklahoma recently took the day off to teach spectators about medieval combat during a demo on Library Lawn. Michael Bevers of The Daily O'Collegian shot photos for the online article.

Photos and video from Calontir's Metal and Glass Symposium online

THL Neathery of Safita has posted photos from the recent Glass and Metal Workers Symposium in the Barony of Three Rivers, Kingdom of Calontir. Lady Thora Sigurdsdottir adds a video of her own.