Archive - 2008

November 2nd

Jewels and saints highlight Walters Art Museum exhibits

The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is hosting two exhibits dealing with subjects of interest to medievalists: The Special Dead: a Medieval Reliquary Revealed and Bedazzled: 5,000 Years of Jewelry. Both exhibits will be open until January 2009.

War of the Wings III photos online

Antonio Felluci has posted an album of photos from the recent War of the Wings III in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Na'arah bat Avraham to be elevated to Pelican in the West

Duchess Emma Fitzwilliam reports that Their Majesties, Uther and Kara of the Kingdom of the West have invited Na'arah bat Avraham to join the Order of the Pelican.

Charlemagne’s Oktoberfest photos online

Isa reports that she has posted photos on her Flickr website from the recent Charlemagne's Oktoberfest event in the Kingdom of Calontir.

November 1st

Alcohol factor in wave of vandalism of British historic sites

Drunken youths are being blamed for the wave of vandalism targeting Britain's historic buildings. More than 170 incidents involving castles, monasteries and stately homes, have been recorded during the past year.

Eunuch's-eye-view of China's Forbidden City

A new virtual tour of Beijing's Forbidden City allows visitors to step into the silk slippers of an imperial eunuch for a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of the cultural treasure.

"Millennium" sheds light on the Dark Ages

Millennium, a new book by Tom Holland, takes a look at the Dark Ages with special focus on politics, religion and the combination of the two: the Crusades. Christina Hardyment of The Independent has a review.

Afflication of the "Ugly Duchess" indentified

The painting entitled "Old Woman," but better known as the "Ugly Duchess," is one of the most popular in London's National Gallery. It depicts the face of a grotesquely-featured woman, and was painted by Flemish artist Quinten Massys in 1513. Now, experts believe that they have identified the illness suffered by this woman as a rare form of Paget's disease, which deforms the bones. (photo)

October 31st

War of the Wings III youth fighting pictures and video online

Solange of Nottinghill Coill shares an album of youth photos taken at the recent War of the Wings III event in the Kingdom of Atlantia. She also has posted a number of videos of the youth fighting on YouTube.

Known World Persona Writing Month

As an offshoot/amalgam of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloWriMo, a group of SCA folk are sponsoring an SCA A&S 50 version called the Known World Persona Writing Month.

Sacred sounds in New York City

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin recently rang with the sounds of choral polyphony when the Tallis Scholars, led by Peter Phillips presented a program of Spanish Renaissance music as part of Columbia University's early music series. Allan Kozinn of the New York Times has a review.

Fifty years of "Medieval Archaeology" available online

In honor of their fiftieth anniversary of publication, the scholarly journal Medieval Archaeology has made fifty years of articles available on the web in scanned-page format, free for nonprofit research and educational purposes.

October 30th

Neiman Marcus offers jewelry "fit for a queen"

Just in time for Christmas, retail giant Neiman Marcus is offering a collection of extremely rare original medieval and Renaissance rings dating from the 10th century through the late Renaissance, and costing US$25,000 and up. (photo)

An Tirian Duke Fills Role In Indie Film

SCA Duke Tjorkill Kanne of An Tir, modernly known as Jon Krausch, adds acting to his many martial skills as he plays a leading role in Black Mountain Madman, a horror-comic-slasher film currently in production the back hills of Oregon.

Combatants announced for Atlantia Crown Tourney

Baroness Bianca has announced the list of Combatants and their Consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Abbey Library of St. Gallen manuscripts to go online

Gwynedd reports that "One of the oldest and most valuable collections of handwritten medieval books in the world, housed in the magnificent baroque halls of the library in this town's abbey (St. Gallen, Switzerland), is going online with the help of a US$1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation."

October 29th

[WES] Crosston Dance Ball

Join Crosston for a day of medieval and renaissance dance with live musicians. Dance classes from 12-4 PM. Dinner sideboard (donations accepted) from 4-5:30 PM. For details on the dinner or dessert sideboard, please see below.

Site Location
Los Gatos History Club
123 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos CA

Site Details
Hall open 11:30am-10:30pm.

It has a lovely wooden floor, so please wear shoes with non-marking soles. Location:
Crosston Arms (Los Gatos California)

[CAL] Clothier's Seminar XXIV

The Clothier's Seminar is an annual event that revolves around the one necessity that we all need, clothes. Come join us for a day of classes, discussion and camaraderie.

It is an excellent time to show off your finest garb and accessories. Simple clothing, complex clothing, exotic clothing, it's all welcome! Whether you have never sewn a piece of garb or have been doing it for years, there's something for you. It's also the Location:
Shire of Cúm an Iolair (Gardner, Kansas)

[EAL] Glace Fete: Rising Waters 12th Night

Experience the Magic and Pageantry of Rising Waters' 12th Night Celebration: Glace Fete

You will find the celebration at Stevensville Conservation Area W. Main Street, Stevensville, ON.

Saturday January 10, 2009

Site open 10am
Site Close Midnight

Site and Feast: $20 adult member
($3 NMS in effect)
($1 Kingdom Tithe)
$10 Children (5-15)
Site only: $8 Location:
Barony of Rising Waters (Stevensville, Ontario)

Fiber Fiesta

The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta 2009 is the seventh biennial show dedicated to fiber arts education and to the display of fiber-related artwork. Hosted by the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. (AFAC), a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, the Fiesta includes both juried and judged works organized by 16 co-sponsoring New Mexico fiber arts guilds. Over 500 juried and judged exhibits will be displayed in this show. Location:
Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Roric and Syele new Lord and Lady of the Mists

Hirsch reports that Roric Skogan and Syele von der Rosen are the new Prince and Princess of the West Kingdom's Principality of the Mists.

[GLE] Free Event

Need another reason to be Thankful!? How about a FREE EVENT?

Lake Bistineau State Park, Group Camp 1 Nov. 28-30

The Shire of Ardanroe would like to invite all to join us for a 100% FREE event! This Social and War Practice will feature a late wakeup call, absolutely no firm schedule, and the opportunity to eat, play, and enjoy one another’s company! The field will be available to all who wish to fight (providing appropriate marshals for those activities are available) and the Hall shall be made available for all Artisans who wish to work on their crafts in one another’s company! Location:
Shire of Ardanroe (Doyline, Louisiana)

[GLE] Holy Pail IV

Holy Pail IV: What's a Pail 4?

THL Angus de Gordun

Location: Tom-Bigbee State Park
THIS IS A DRY SITE! Friday, Nov 14 Location:
(Shire of Rookshaven Fulton, Mississippi)

Meridies Fall 2008 Crown List photos

Muirghein reports that an album of photos taken by Lord Gregor Wilhemson of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Meridies is now available to view online.

Lions Road podcast features founders

Please pardon the shameless plug, but we had so much fun doing this that we had to share! founders THL Milica of Varna and Maistor Justinos Tekton were interviewed last week for the Lions Road weekly SCA podcast.

October 28th

Which wife are you?

Have you lost sleep at night wondering which wife of Henry VIII you most resemble? Well, help is on the way in the form of a quiz on the OKCupid website.

Vindolanda site receives funds for museum upgrade

The Roman fort of Vindolanda in northern England will receive UK£4M from the Heritage Lottery. The money will be used to upgrade the museum allowing them space to display many of the Roman site's spectacular discoveries.

Chinese Chess

Looking for a new period game - or an interesting A&S project? How about Tangut Chess, a game popular by the end of the Northern Song (960-1127) dynasty. The 32-piece set can be made from bronze or pottery.

Middle Kingdom Fall 2008 Coronation photos online

Professional photographer Kent Ashley has posted an album of photos from the recent Coronation of Their Royal Majesties Ullr and AnneLyse in the Middle Kingdom.

October 27th

"Manuscript sleuths" try to crack secrets of ancient Jewish books

Detective work comes in all forms, including those willing to intensely study ancient Jewish manuscripts looking for clues to the past. This work is chronicled in the recent novel People of the Book.