Archive - Sep 14, 2008

SCA debuts redesigned corporate web site

The main corporate web site of the SCA Inc. went "live" this weekend with a significant redesign of the site's cosmetics and organization.

Norwegian shipwrecks "sensational" find

"The largest collection of antique shipwrecks ever found in Norway" has been unearthed at the site of a new highway near Oslo, Norway. At least nine well-preserved wooden ships dating to the early 17th century were uncovered near Bjoervika.

Count Sven Orfhendur victorious in Caid Crown Tourney

Ciorstan reports that Count Sven Orfhendur, inspired by Countess Kolfinna kottr, was the victor of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Caid.

Pictures from Aphar Fair and Summer Camp

Caillin has posted several albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann: Aphar Fair and Summer Camp.

Leaveth Anne Boleyn alone!

It just had to happen! A parody of Chris Crocker's [in]famous "Leave Britney Alone" video is available to view on YouTube, this time with a distinctly Tudor flair.