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One Knight Made, One Tapped in Atenveldt

At Atenveldt's Crown Tournament on September 6, 2008, Their Majesties, Phelan III & Amirah, knighted Brian the Pious, squired to Sir Tighearnain the Hound, on the field after the first round.

Middle Ages re-enactors practice medieval battle techniques

Down by the river bend, a man with a notepad and a tape recorder stands by while watching two warriors engaged in fierce combat. Casey Phillips of the Chattanooga Times Free Press was there to record the story.

[ATL] Return of the Hawkwood Howl

As the leaves fall from the trees and the nights grow short and chill - something stirs in the mountains. Could it be? Could the stories be true? Yes! The old-timers say that the Hawkwood Howl is returning and we know they?re always right! Please join the denizens of the Barony of Hawkwood for a weekend full of fun and fright. You never know what might happen when the Hawkwood Howl returns!

The Autumn days in Hawkwood can be quite magical, so to honor that Location:
Barony of Hawkwood (Arden, North Carolina)

[OUT] Stinking Desert War

Years have come and gone since the last war. The Dragon Spore has piled high, creating an ungodly stench. We cannot abide by this any longer, it is time to decide who must clean up the mess.

With Estrella War coming up, come down and get in some practice for it, at the same time have it mean something. Fight and Fence until you drop. There will be many melees and Tourney's throughout the day to help decide the winners, the losers will be chosen for the Stinking Desert clean up crew for the next year. Their job will be to clean up the mounds of Dragon Spore that have accumulated. Then Join us that evening in Celebrating the end of the harvest, by rejoicing in the bounty presented before us, and prepare for the upcoming Winter with good people and good cheer. Court Will be held at their Majesties/Excelencies Whim. Location:
Shire of Draca Mor (Grand Junction, Colorado)

[OUT] Pas d' Arms

Whereas it is the bound duty of Knights and gentlemen-at-arms to keep their skills honed and ready should His Majesty call them to battle, and whereas the Noble and gentle ladies of the land are desirous to be entertained by the feats of honor, it is the privilege of the Canton of Readstan to invite all those of noble comportment and lineage to test their mettle on the Readstan field of combat celebrating the First Anniversary of the Canton of Readstan. Location:
Canton of Readstan (Franktown, Colorado)

"Grave Goods" on display at Woodstock Museum

Grave Goods, an exhibit of the work of contemporary artists and craftsmen with a medieval theme, will be on display through November 1, 2008 at the Woodstock Museum in Woodstock, Ontario.

[MER] Gatalop XXV

The Barony of the Osprey presents: Gatalop XXV October 23-26, 2008

Fort Gaines
51 Bienville Blvd.
Dauphin Island, Al 36528

Once again, we will transform Ft. Gaines on Dauphin Island into the Meridian Fortress by the Sea!

Directions: Take your best route to I-10 west of I-65 to exit 17 South towards Dauphin Island. Follow the road until it dead-ends on the Island at the 3-way stop ( SCA signs will be posted ), take a left and follow to Ft. Ga ines. Location:
Barony of the Osprey (Dauphin Island, Alabama)

[ATE] Rampage on the River

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Shire of Ironwood Loch! Come share in the festivities as we revel in the 15 year milestone of the only shire to eventually expand the boundaries of the Atenveldt realm into the Kingdom of Caid by celebrating our humble and honorable creation of Ironwood Loch back in October 1993.

Rampage on the River
Shire of Ironwood Loch
September 27th ~ 28th, 2008 Location:
Shire of Ironwood Loch (Blythe, California)

[ANS] Hunter's Moon CANCELLED

The Shire of Emerald Keep invites you to attend Hunter's Moon, October 17-19, 2008

Site opens at 12 p.m. on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday

Site Fee $15 per person over 11, 5 - 10 $10 and under 5 free. Family max of $35. There is $3.00 surcharge for non-members. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc, Shire of Emerald Keep

Event Steward
Lady Olivia VanMeteren Location:
Shire of Emerald Keep (Waco, Texas)

[OUT] War of the Staked Plains

The local inhabitants of the shire of Blackwater Keep are in need of a strong Overlord. One to protect us and support us in our endeavor to maintain our humble shire.

During the weekend of Sept. 27 - 29 we will be hosting a tournament to determine, from all the courageous fighters who attend, whom will become our Dread Overlord. There will be combats for Fell Overlord and Dread Archer along with minor (fun) competitions for all through out the day. Sir Berold will be hosting an unbelted tourney as well. Our artisans have worked hard and we have dipped into to our coffers in order to present grand gifts to our champions. The evening feast will prove a glorious event in it's self. There will be a choice of three meats, several seasonal side dishes and a tasty sweet to finish. After all the tedious chores of feasting are done, there will be a bardic around a toasty fire. Come join our company, share our camaraderie, warm yourself by our fire. All are invited to attend and are most welcome. Location:
Shire of Blackwater Keep (Clovis, New Mexico)

[ATL] University of Atlantia

Greetings from the Chancellor of University of Atlantia, Master Eldred AElfwald, unto the populace of Atlantia! I am pleased to announce that the incipient canton of Abhainn Iarthair will be hosting the October session of University of Atlantia.

The site address is:
Warren County Middle School
550 West 15th St.
Front Royal, VA 22630

Please also be advised that no edged weapons, no food preparation, no alcohol, and no smoking are permitted anywhere on school grounds. Location:
Incipient Canton of Abhainn Iarthair (Front Royal, Virginia)

[ATL] Atlantian Fall Crown 2008

Their Majesties Jason and Gerhild have decreed that Their Heirs shall be chosen at this time, in this place. Herald the day, gather the contestants, and let them gird themselves in full panoply, for the winner of the day shall be the one that fights in most worthy fashion for their Consort.

Site: Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center, 804 Cedar Lane, Reidsville, NC 27320.
Site opens at 7 PM Friday, September 7 and closes at 10 AM on Sunday, September 9. Location:
Barony of the Sacred Stone (Reidsville, North Carolina)

[ATE] Wealhhnutu Chainmail Gathering and Potluck

WHEN: October, 18, 2008 (It's a Saturday) from 1:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE: Castle Brandhard in Wealhhnutu March

WHAT TO BRING: Bring projects to work on or to show. Bring mandrels (cranks for making springs) if you have them. Bring 2 pairs of pliers if you have them. If you have wire you may bring it. Construction tie wire is good to begin with, as it is cheap and fairly easy to work with. Two methods of spring making will be available. Some wire will be available. Wire cutters will be available. THIS CLASS IS FOR CHAINMAIL ARMOR-MAKING AS WELL AS JEWELRY-MAKING. WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL!!! Location:
Wealhhnutu March (Nogales, Arizona)

Kubb 2008 Championship of the Carolinas

Kubb a classic Viking game, has traveled thousands of miles from a distant and magical land and now resides in the USA! KUBB is perfect for 2-6 players and for ages 8-80! Come and learn about the game, participate and ENJOY!

When: Sunday, October 26, 2008 1:00PM-6:00PM

Where: On the grounds of the Salisbury Civic Center 315 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Salisbury, NC

Cost: $5.00 per participant/General Admission: FREE Location:
SAGA (Salisbury, North Carolina)

[ART] Baronial Arts & Sciences Competition

The Barony of One Thousand Eyes sends greetings to one and all! Long have men searched throughout the ages to find the secrets of turning base and raw objects into objects of renowned beauty. Nowhere is this skill more evident than in the artisans of the Barony of One Thousand Eyes. This skill is especially exhibited in those who hold the coveted title of Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion.

Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

[DRA] Civil War

There is unrest in the shire of Juneborg. The dispute over the estate granted by the King continues. Who is the rightful owner? Is it true that the winner of last year’s war signed away the rights to a loyal general from his side? It seems we must once again settle this cause on the field of honour with swords and axes. For the more peaceful people there will be classes, workshops and arts and science exhibition as well as a bazaar where items pass from one owner to another. On Saturday a great feast will be served to the hungry and to the survivors. Please bring your banners to help decorate the feast hall. Location:
Shire of Juneborg (Mullsjö, Sweden)

[ANS] Winter Weasel Wonderland

I would like to invite and welcome the populace to Wiesenfeuer Yule that will be held on Saturday, December 6th from 10 am to 10 pm at Camp Dakani in Oklahoma City.

The name of the event is 'Winter Weasel Wonderland', so...guess what it is all themed, not wonderland...WEASELS!!!

Competitions include: the Baronial Bardic Competition, the Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition, Table Decorating Competition, Subtlety Competition, Best Weasel in any Medium, and the Best use of a Weasel in a Costume. Location:
Barony of Wiesenfeuer (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Mobile Renaissance Faire

Mobile Renaissance Faire

3603 Mobile Highway,
Pensacola, Florida 32505
or P.O. Box 36333,
Pensacola, FL, 32516.
Mobile phone (850) 572-1407- office (850) 429- 8462-Fax (850) 470-0012 GCRENFAIRE @ AOL.COM WWW. GCRF. NET

Mobile Renaissance Faire SCA Information Sheet Faire is on Nov. 15-16, 2008, 10a-5p, at the Mobile Fairgrounds, 1035 Location:
Mobile, Alabama

[WES] Borgia Feast

Lucrezia Borgia is giving a feast in honor of her father, the Pope, but beware, there is poison in the air. Caution is your only hope. Come to the feast and see who will be the last noble standing in this game of trust and betrayal. For those that wish to come and just watch the spectacle, items will be provided to ensure your safety. There will be a cap of 60 tickets sold, as the Pope is in his elder years and large crowds leave him ill. Location:
Canton of Caer Darth (Santa Cruz, California)

[EAL] The Dance Event

You are most cordially invited to join us, In the Canton of Greyfells, Within the Barony of Skraeling Althing for: The Dance Event A Day of Learning, An Evening of Revelry

When: October 4th, 2008 from 9am to 9pm

St. Margaret’s United Church,
690 Sir John A MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston Ontario

Why: To spend the day learning dances and music of the Renaissance, in a casual (mundane clothing please) instructional atmosphere from some of Ealdormere’s best dancers and musicians. Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston, Ontario)

SCA at 1968 Worldcon

Photos from the earliest days of the Society for Creative Anachronism are available on FANAC, the Fan History Project website. The photos date to 1968.