Archive - Aug 2008

August 4th

A Viking bed fit for a king

Del Cover Woodworking, a one-man furniture business in San Diego, California, has created an amazing Viking hammock, the perfect place of repose for a Viking king.

Trillium IV photos online

Alexander reports that he has posted several albums of photos from the 2008 Trillium War IV that took place in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website.

Pax Interruptus photos online

Katriona has posted photos from Pax Interruptus which took place recently in the Barony of Thescorre, Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

August 3rd

Push for Pennsic: "Best friends you've never met"

"Everybody here is your best friend you never met yet," said Sebastian de Granada (Scott Hargrose) recently at Push for Pennsic in Wapakoneta, Ohio in response to a question from reporter Greg Sowinski of the Lima News. (photo)

Great Northeastern War photos online

Lady Catte reports that her photos from the recent Great Northeastern War in the Eastrealm are now available to view on her Flickr website.

Games played role in the Viking afterlife

A team of Swedish and English archaeologists have excavated a 9th century Viking ship burial which has shed new light on the life and beliefs of the pre-Christian Norse.

August 2nd

Drachenwald Summer 2008 Coronation photos online

Racaire reports that she has posted an album of photos from the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Summer 2008 Coronation.

Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707 online

A fully-searchable database chronicling the proceedings of the Scottish Parliaments from 1235 up to 1707 is now available online.

ACCEPS is live for GWW Gate Pre-Registration

The staff at Great Western War are happy to announce that ACCEPS is now live and available for pre-registration for the event.

Stierbach's Tenth Birthday Photos

Alan has posted photos from the recent Tenth Anniversary event in the Barony of Stierbach (Kingdom of Atlantia) on his Flickr account.

August 1st

London research photos online

Racaire has posted a number of albums of photos taken at museums during her recent visit to London.

Mojo cursed in ancient Cyprus

A 7th century curse inscribed on a tablet has been found by archaeologists working near Limassol, Cyprus. The inscription curses the sexual prowess of men and may be linked to the island's pagan past. PG-13.

Was King Arthur French?

King Arthur might have been French. Heresy? Not according to the organizers of "King Arthur: A Legend in the Making," a medievalists' conference at Rennes University. Many of the Arthurian tales are set in Brittany in the north of France.