Archive - Jul 2008

July 2nd

[ATE] Highland War XIV

Invaders are coming!!! We have heard invaders are amassed upon the borders of the Barony of Ered Sul and the Northlands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt! Yet our network of spies is active and our intelligence is bountiful, as we have discovered the route of the invaders! Hence, the armies of the Northland now march to meet this scourge in the high meadows and forest of Mormon Lake, AZ (30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ). Mark ye, thine calendar to join us as this contest is played out Thursday, August 7th through Sunday the 10th, 2008. Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Mormon Lake, Arizona)

Caelin on Andrede's photos from Lysts at Castleton

Caelin on Andrede from the Kingdom of Ansteorra has published four sets of photos from the recent Lysts at Castleton event.

July 1st

Scandinavians "genetically diverse" for over 2000 years say researchers

A study of Danish burial grounds dating to the Iron Age by a team of forensic scientists from the University of Copenhagen finds that humans were much more genetically diverse than previously believed.

A Pennsic revelation

The new view from the Pennsic war courtesy of Mehrit: McStella!

Highland Foorde Renaissance Festival educates public about the Middle Ages

"It's not about entertaining, it's about educating," said Sherri Fabic, a member of the Barony of Highland Foorde, about the recent Renaissance Festival hosted by the group at Hager House in Hagerstown, Maryland. Reporter Joshua Bowman of the Herald-Mail was on hand for the story. (Photos & video)

Queen of England strips Knight of his title

HRM Elizabeth II, Queen of England, has stripped Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, of his knighthood in a move to protest the human rights abuses in his country.