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July 4th

AEthlemearc War Practice Artisan's Forum Pictures online

Odriana vander Brugghe has posted an album of photos from the Artisan's Forum at the recent AEthelmearc War Practice.

Anna de Serra to be Laureled in the West Kingdom

Master Wulfric of Creigull has announced that his apprentice, Lady Anna de Serra, has been placed on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel. The elevation will take place July 12, 2008 at Cynaguan Investiture.

13th century tower foundations found under Oxford mound

Workers on Oxford Castle's mound were surprised to discover the remains of a 13th century, 10-sided tower which once stood on the mound.

July 3rd

[ATE] Middle East Feast

Since the birth of the honorable Barony of Twin Moons, our Noble Barons have been linked to the legend of the Grail. These Noble Barons have joined in the quest for the grail but have been unsuccessful. Our current Baron, Baron Thomas, has been privy of new information and clues linking the Grail to the lands of the Middle East. Baron Thomas has picked up his sword to become one of the Crusaders and, as this missive is being penned, is marching off to join the King in this noble battle and to follow up on his newly found information concerning the elusive Grail. Location:
Barony of Twin Moons (Fountain Hills, Arizona)

[LOC] Tocal Token Tourney & Midwinter Feast

Come one, come all. Yes, it's Tocal time again! Fight, feast, and fall over into your nice warm bed. We are having an Eastern European theme with a focus on Polish and Hungarian food and culture in the late SCA period.

When: 12- 13 July, 2008
Times: 11am List and armour Inspection Opens, 12pm Lunch, 1.30pm Tourney, 5pm Feast

Address of Site: CB Alexander Agricultural College, Tocal Road Location:
Barony of Mordenvale (Newcastle, New Sout Wales)

[ATE] Aten Dragon University

The Baronies of Atenveldt and Sundragon would like to invite one and all to the Barony of Atenveldt and SunDragon University (B-ASU). This will be taking place on July 19th. If you would like to Teach at this event please contact one of the autocrats, and we will send you a teacher sign up sheet to fill out and send back to us.

So come and take some classes, learn something new. This will be our LAST Aten Dragon University so please come out and make this one the best ever! Location:
Baronies of Atenveldt and SunDragon (Phoenix, Arizona)

Environmentally-friendly "hobbit house" in Wales

Although technically not period for SCA, the Simondale House in rural Wales is an environmentally-friendly, family-built home that uses mostly period materials and would fit right into many SCA folks' dreams of the perfect dwelling.

[LOC] One Good Turn Deserves Another

Suth Guild Hall in conjunction with The Woodworkers Guild Presents: "One Good Turn Deserves Another - A day of Wood Turning."

Learn the basic elements of this age-old craft. Add extra skills to your woodworking. Develop techniques to make different types of SCA gear.

How can this mighty challenge happen?
Using various resources within the region encompassed by the Suth Guild, the Esteemed Brother Waldo Turner (Member or the Embittered Poor) will Location:
Barony of Stormhold (Melbourne, Victoria)

[ART] Dragons Tear XXIV

The Shire of Stan Wyrm invites all to our summer camping event held at Camp Rotary in Monarch Montana.

The Shire will be holding their annual Archery Tournament (We ask you bring your own Archery equipment), and Heavy Tournament to determine our Shire Champions. In addition, we will also be holding Rapier fighting and scenarios as well. All tournaments are open to all paid members of the SCA. Blue card must be available upon request. Our MoAS is also holding a Defender of the Arts tournament for Rapier fighters. Fighters must bring and display an Arts and Science project to enter.? A prize will be awarded to the winner of this tourney. Location:
Shire of Stan Wyrm (Monarch, Montana)

German Sword Arts Seminar

Join us for a weekend of German martial arts: Longsword, Rapier and Dagger in the German tradition as taught by Stefan Dieke of Alte Kampfkunst in Germany.

Learn from one of the leading instructors of German Martial arts. From Leichtenaur to Meyer, Stefan will be covering techniques in longsword, rapier, dagger and some wrestling (at the instructors discretion).

For more information contact Davenriche European Martial Arts School Location:
Davenriche European Martial Arts School (Santa Clara, California)

[MER] Arabian Nights

Come one come all to the 30th anniversary of the Shire of Arenal celebrated at Arabian Nights this July 4th and 5th, in Pensacola FL. This year's theme is A Mongol's Paradise XXXanadu! We are focusing on the melding of cultures resulting from the Mongol invasion of the Arabs in the 13th century.

The traditional Lion of the Desert double elimination tourney and Lord Malcolm Mcphee light weapons Rose Tourney will be held on Saturday. Location:
Shire of Arenal (Pensacola, Florida)

[AET] Children's Event

Children of the Knowne Worlde unite! This event is dedicated to you! No standing on the sidelines and watching the adults play, it's your turn! There will be Youth Boffer, A&S, Heraldry and Bardic Competitions, as well as classes/activities for all ages! There will be a modest dayboard throughout the day, and no feast. AND, because they were SO WELL BEHAVED last year, under your direct supervision we will allow your parents and guardians to accompany you throughout the day. Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Camillus, New York)

[MER] Western Regional Dance Practice

The Incipient Shire of Okeborne Keep will be hosting a regional dance practice on July 26, at the (air conditioned!) campus of the University of Alabama. The goal of this is to give the members of all nearby groups a chance to get together and learn some easy dances without the distractions of a full blown event. Garb is optional.

Classes will cover basic steps, simple dances from all the major Location:
Incipient Shire of Okeborne Keep (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Position Open: Society Marshal

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., has announced that Board of Directors is seeking applicants for the position of Society Marshal.

Pennsic XXXVII class schedule now online

The Pennsic University class schedule is now available to view in either PDF or Microsoft Word™ format on the Pennsic XXXVII official website.

SCA Announce: Comments sought for Board of Directors nominees

The Board of Directors of the Soceity for Creative Anachronism is seeking comments on the current nominees for the Board.

July 2nd

[LOC] St Vitas' Dance and Music Weekend

Spring into two days of classes on all sorts of music and dance with a Feast and Caroso Ball on Saturday night. Lunches provided. Massage Therapist in attendance!

For Members and College Members. Full Weekend: $35, 1 Day + Feast & Ball: $24, F&B only: $19, 1 Day only: $10. Non-Memb. Add $2, If Not Booked Add $5 if feasting or $1 per lunch if day only. Contact Steward re Family/Helper/Hardship prices. Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Greenway, ACT)

[ANT] Fibers & Fletchings

Fibers & Fletchings will be held on Aug 22-24 in Bearwood, a canton of Aquaterra. Chancellor Helene de Navarre will be organizing the classes for this event and will be granting Ithra credit for all classes!

We are looking for instructors for this session, focusing primarily on anything fiber- or archery-related, but not exclusively! I'd like to offer classes for event-support, including heavy & rapier marshalling, field Location:
Canton of Bearwood (Arlington, Washington)

[ATL] Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

Turn not a blind eye to the splendid Phoenix and her fiery light, for she brings you tidings of welcome and cheer! Join our Baron and Baronne, Marc & Alianor, and the noble populace, at the end of the last week of the hottest month, as we break from our daily labors to gather in celebration of the 26th anniversary of the glorious Barony of Sacred Stone.

Just as might, grace and beauty of the Phoenix is forged in the fire, so too Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Booneville, North Carolina)

[AET] Scribes, Fighters & Fencers

Oh My. What a combo. Scribes come and work on your current projects or learn from some of the Kingdom's finest scribes. In attendance will be Mistress Antoinette de la Croix, Mistress Kris Gilibari, THL Gianna di Auriolo to name a few. For the Fighters and Fencers we have some fun things planned. New fighters and fencers this is the last scheduled event where you can authorize for Pennsic. We will have the marshals available and the appropriate paperwork. Location:
Shire of Gryffyn's Keep (Murrysville, Pennsylvania)

Request for Comments: Society Seneschal Applicants

Patrick Anderson, President Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., is requesting comments on applicants for the position of Society Seneschal. Comments are requested by July 7, 2008.

[OUT] Glory XI

Glory XI - Vikings vs. Saxons Wednesday, July 2nd - Sunday, July 6th

LCCC Vedauwoo Natural History Site,
Buford Wyoming

Hosted by the Barony of Unser Hafen

Vikings invade England
In Summer, 1015, a Viking army under the command of King Canute sails from Denmark to attack England. 200 longships carrying 10,000 warriors round Kent, pass through the English Channel, sail West past Cornwall, then up the Avon river to Bristol, where they make landfall and establish a base from which to conquer all of England. As winter sets in, the Vikings have gained control of all Wessex... Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Buford, Wyoming)

[MID] Brawl at the Crooked Dragon

Brawl at the Crooked Dragon is an annual event hosted by the Shire of Falcon's Quarry. Traditionally held the weekend following July 4th, it is one of the final opportunities to authorize before Pennsic War. Come join us for a day of fighting, fun, and feasting in the bazaar!

Lorain County Fairgrounds
SR 18
Wellington, OH 44090

At the Gate
$8.00 per adult
Ages 6 to 12 $4.00 Location:
Shire of Falcon's Quarry (Wellington, Ohio)

[OUT] Three Stags III

The Barony of Caerthe invites you once again to experience this exciting event that will transport you to a medieval town fair, and challenge you to battles grand till you can fight no more. August 29th through September 1st (Labor Day weekend) 2008, Quint Valley Fair grounds, Byers Colorado. From Denver go east on I-70 to the Byers exit, turn left (North) go about ¼ mile to the fair grounds entrance, turn left (West). Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Byers Colorado)

[EAL] Northern Migration

The Ubershire of Brennisteinn Vatn welcomes you to join the great Northern Migration: How Can 20 Ealdormerians Be Wrong?

July 4-6, 2008

Überland Viking Sanctuary
Concession 4, Lot 12, Parcel 4694
Hanmer, Ontario

Site Fees:
Adult: $10 per day, $20 for weekend
Child 0-15: free
A $3 Non-Member Surcharge will be added to adult site fees where applicable.

Ubershire of Brennisteinn Vatn (Hanmer, Ontario )

[WES] Selviergard Fighter Practice

Fighter practice Saturday, June 12 st at the home of Sean Ridlon, (373-1907) 1-3 pm.

Go on the Parks Highway through Wasilla, turn right on Church Road (1/2 mile past SBS), go to the end (4 miles) to West Schrock Road, turn left, go 1 mile, turn left again on Sitze, right on Soft Wind. Just past the Swiftwater Creek bridge is Solitude (no street sign), turn right. Sean's Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Wasilla, Alaska)

[ATL] TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks

TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks / The First Crusade Arrives in Constantinople. It's autumn of 1096 and we're in Constantinople, the capital of a mighty empire that considers itself the successor to Rome as the center of learning and culture. As the western endpoint of the Silk Road and other caravan routes, and a major seaport, it's also a major crossroads for commerce.

DATE: October 24-26, 2008 Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Street, Maryland)

[EAL] Autocrat's Day Off XIX

The Canton of Caldrithig presents: Autocrat's Day Off July 11-13, 2008.

Murphy's Point Provincial Park,
R.R. #5,
Perth, Ontario
K7H 3C7
(613) 267-5060

Site Opens: 4pm on Friday July 11th
Site Closes: 12 noon on Sunday July 13th.

Event Steward:
Lady Aelswitha (or 'Withe) of Caldrithig Location:
Canton of Caldrithig (Perth, Ontario)

[EAS] Great Northeastern War XXII

Great Northeastern War is an annual event sponsored by The Province of Malagentia, which is the Southern Maine chapter of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

This year's event will be held Friday July 11 - Sunday July 13, once again at Hebron Pines Campground in Hebron, Maine. If you would like to teach a class, please fill out a class scheduling form, which can be found at - it will be automatically emailed to the Location:
Province of Malagentia (Hebron, Maine)

SCA challenged to basketball in Atenveldt

Tuscon Weekly columnist Tom Danehy wasn't thrilled to find his weekly basketball game with friends canceled due to the rental of the gym to a bunch of guys in tights with swords. And then he discovered that this SCA stuff "was the coolest thing."