Archive - Jul 2008

July 15th

[ANT] Archery Academy and Ithra

Join us in the country. Camp on soft grass under trees, observe the ducks on the lake, watch banners flutter in the breeze, and hear the sound of arrows coursing through the air as we turn our attentions to the honorable and celebrated discipline of archery -- the sport of monarchs and tool of war and recreation.

This teaching event has classes for the Archer, Bowyer and Fletcher. There are also Ithra Core and other unique classes. Participate in activities such as archery novelty shoots and royal rounds. Location:
Trojan Park: Rainier, Oregon

6th century presses from "holy wine factory" found near Mount Sinai

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered two wine presses dating to the 6th century which are believed to be from a factory which produced holy wine for export to Christians. The presses were found near the 6th century St. Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula.

Northumberland Iron Age dig one of largest ever in NE England

Archaeologists working at the Delhi surface mine in Northumberland, England have unearthed the remains of at least 50 Iron Age houses, making the project one of the largest in northeast England's archaeological history.

Photos from West Kingdom's Beltane

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted an album of photos from the recent Beltane event in the Kingdom of the West.

July 14th

Music in the stone

Researchers Paul Calamia and Jonas Braasch of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered something interesting about stone pillars from Hindu temples dating to the 7th century: they can be played.

Photos from Border Raids

Chad White shares photos taken during Court at his day-long visit to Border Raids on his Flickr website.

Queen Branwyn invites practioners of the Bardic Arts to perform at Pennsic

Fridrikr, Sylvan Bard of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc, reports that Her Majesty, Queen Branwyn is a lover of the bardic arts and invites "Bards, jongleurs, story-tellers, skalds, and others of the Bardic persuasion, to visit Aethelmearc Royal Encampment in the evenings at Pennsic to ply their trade!'

Masquerade Medieval to hold audtions for "A Man for All Seasons" at Pennsic

Master Lorcan Dracontius of Bhakail reports that Masquerade Medieval will hold auditions for a production of A Man for All Seasons to be presented at Pennsic 38.

July 13th

Scribing hazardous to health of medieval monks

New research on the bones of monks interred in six Danish cemeteries shows that the brothers may have been exposed to toxic mercury while copying Biblical texts. Mercury was used in the preparation of red ink.

St Margaret's church in Leicester, England ransacked by vandals

Police in Leicester, England report that vandals broke into and desecrated a 13th century church in the city's center, overturning lecterns, breaking windows and defecating through a floor panel into the church's medieval foundation.

Esmeralda's photos from La Prova Dura

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted an album of photos from the recent La Prova Dura event in the Kingdom of the West.

Dante given stay of execution

Officials in Florence, Italy have granted Dante Alighieri, Italy's most famous poet, a stay of execution. The poet was exiled in 1302 with a mandate that he "would be executed if he stepped foot in the city again."

July 12th

Route of "lost" Roman road determined

After 30 years of research, experts in England now believe that they have determined the route of the "lost" Roman road, which stretched between Castleshaw fort near Oldham and Slack fort Outlane, through the Pennines.

Ragnaroc combat on YouTube

Marius reports that a video of fighting at Ragnaroc, an event hosted by the Empire of Medieval Pursuits, has been posted on YouTube. The video includes the Ring of Fire Tourney.

Life lessons learned on El Camino de Santiago

Modern spiritual seekers are finding value in a medieval pilgrimage. Spain's 500-mile-long El Camino de Santiago gives participants plenty of time to meditate. Jillian Mueller of the Christian Science Monitor chronicles her journey.

Merchant registration for Estrella XXV now open

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, reports that merchant registration for the War is now open.

July 11th

From the archer's eye

AnTirKP has posted an extremely cool video from the Gulf Wars 2008 Ravine Battle 1 - taken from a combat archer's point of view. The camera was mounted inside the archer's helmet.

[MER] Universitas Meridies

I ask for a moment of your time to share with you all the wonderful things happening two weeks from now. At that time, we will be celebrating the University's yearly event — Universitas Meridies, held this year on July 18-20 at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, TN.

I am especially excited because we have so many things to offer to make this a truly enjoyable event. We have 66 (!) amazing classes, Location:
Shire of Glaedenfeld (Pulaski, Tennessee)

[MER] Daggers and Hemlock II

The seneschal and the populous of the Shire of Phoenix Glade invite one and all to Daggers and Hemlock II: Medici Murder to be held over Labor Day weekend.

Since the decision to re-direct the Meridian 30th year event happened after the July issue of Popular Chivalry went to press, the ad placed therein innaccurately represents the weekend event as it now stands.

While the anniversary festivities have been re-scheduled, the Location:
Shire of Phoenix Glade (Fort Walton Beach, Florida)

[ANS] All Day War Practice and Revel

Northkeep will be hosting an all day war practice Saturday, July 19th at Haikey Creek Park in Tulsa OK off 121th and south Garnet. We will have a shelter reserved for all day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. This gathering is open to all our friends and neighbors (at least those not attending Queen's Champion that weekend).

We can do a cook out/pot-luck lunch. People can bring meat to grill, side dishes, salads, and desserts to share. Location:
Barony of Northkeep (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

[OUT] Dragonsspine Arts & Sciences

Dragonsspine A&S Champion, Arts and Sciences Display, Baroness' Prize, Populace Choice, and Novice Competition September 27, 2008

Place: Black Forest Community Center, Black Forest, CO
Time: Doors open at 10am, close at 6pm

Directions: From the north or south, take I-25 to Interquest Parkway. Take the Interquest exit and stay on Interquest until you get to Shoup Rd. Turn right onto Shoup. Take Shoup to Black Forest Road, turn left onto Black Forest, and the Community center is the wood building on the left. Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Black Forest, Colorado)

[EAL] Coronation of Etain and Valfreya

The Shire of March of Saint Martin proudly presents: Coronation of Etain and Valfreya Saturday September 20, 2008.

Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre Complex
3310 Walnut Street
Alvinston, Ont N0N 1A0

9:30 am - 11:00 pm

Site is Wet - No B.Y.O.B. as per Ontario Law.

SITE FEES: Location:
[EAL] Shire of March of Saint Martin (Alvinston, Ontario)

[LOC] St Catherine's Faire

Anna de Witte and myself, Caterine de Vantier, of the bountiful Barony of Ildhafn, wish to advertise to you that the annual celebration known as St Catherine's Faire, will in this year (Anno Societas 43) be held over the summer months, from the date of Friday the 5th of December to the date of Sunday the 7th of December.

The event will be located at the fine venue of Motu Moana, in the coastal Location:
Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland, New Zealand)

[OUT] Mountain Pas and Highland Games II

You are cordially invited to join us once again for The Mountain Pas' and Highland Games II September 27, 2008 in the Shire of Drygestan

At the North Mesa picnic grounds (City of Los Alamos, NM)
Site opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm
Site fee is $10.00 for members. $13.00 for non members
Autocrat: Lady Elanor O'Halloraine (aka Dreamweaver)

Lunch will be included Fighters are requested to bring an item for the prize table (so no one Location:
Shire of Drygestan (Los Alamos, New Mexico)

[NOR] Village Fair

Welcome! Come join the Barony of Castel Rouge for a relaxing weekend of Marshal Feats and Heroism, Archery, Arts and Sciences Classes, and of Feasting, Revelry and a Celebration of Friendships and a Baronial General Fundraising Raffle.

A Village Fair: A Celebration of Friendships
Hosted by: Barony of Castel Rouge
Start Date: 8/29/2008 Thru End Date: 9/1/2008 as XLIII (43)

Ukrainian Park Camp Location:
Barony of Castel Rouge (Gimli, Manatoba)

Pictures from Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium

Godfrey von Rheinfels has announced that he has posted photos from the recent Kingdom Collegium in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Pennsic: Firewood quarantine

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale, webmaster, reports that last year's Pennsylvania firewood quarantine is still in effect.

Justinian Plague victims found in Italy

1500 years ago, the Justinian Plague swept through the world killing as many as 100 million people. Recently the remains of hundreds of people, believed to have been victims of the plague, were discovered in Castro dei Volsci, Italy.

July 10th

[ANT] Briaroak Bash

Need a break from the heat and busy tourney schedules? The Shire of Briaroak invites you to our return to Wolf Creek Park for our annual Bash event!

Enjoy an A&S Competition under the shaded pavilion, bring your bow and arrows to practice on the archery range, or simply soak away the heat in the nearby cool, shady Wolf Creek. You can also test your prowess in our Defender Tournament, and then compete for prizes in our Benefit Tourney! Location:
Shire of Briaroak, Principality of Summits, Kingdom of AnTir

Moorish Tavern 2008 photos online

Berwyn has posted an album of photos from the Moorish Tavern event which took place recently in the Kingdom of Northshield.