Archive - Jul 24, 2008

Duke Student creates 3-D virtual medieval cathedral

The Duke University daily online newsletter has a short movie about the student who created a 3-D virtual cathedral, with a great deal of footage of the cathedral itself and links to other related items.

A Muromachi period Tale of Genji manuscript found in Tokyo

The discovery of a rare full set of chapters of the 11th century The Tale of Genji, believed to be the world's oldest novel, has been found in a private collection in Tokyo.

Viscount Karl Helweg wins Oertha Summer 2008 Coronet

Baron Khevron reports that Viscount Karl Helweg inspired by Lady √Člise von Sophey, was the victor of the July 19, 2008 Coronet in the Principality of Oertha (Kingdom of the West).

Brot Wurst und Spiele photos online

In a thank-you note to staff for the recent Brot Wurst und Spiele event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, Robyn of Rye announced that an album of photos taken at the event is now available online.