Archive - Jul 12, 2008

Route of "lost" Roman road determined

After 30 years of research, experts in England now believe that they have determined the route of the "lost" Roman road, which stretched between Castleshaw fort near Oldham and Slack fort Outlane, through the Pennines.

Ragnaroc combat on YouTube

Marius reports that a video of fighting at Ragnaroc, an event hosted by the Empire of Medieval Pursuits, has been posted on YouTube. The video includes the Ring of Fire Tourney.

Life lessons learned on El Camino de Santiago

Modern spiritual seekers are finding value in a medieval pilgrimage. Spain's 500-mile-long El Camino de Santiago gives participants plenty of time to meditate. Jillian Mueller of the Christian Science Monitor chronicles her journey.

Merchant registration for Estrella XXV now open

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, reports that merchant registration for the War is now open.