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June 13th

Night photos from Rowany Festival

Everyone knows that the real magic of the SCA happens after dark. Lady Sancha da Sylva proves this with a small album of photos taken at night at the most recent Rowany Festival in the Kingdom of Lochac.

June 12th

[ATL] Stierbach's Baronial Birthday

Come One and All to celebrate Stierbach’s Tenth Baronial Anniversary! Like the finest of Atlantia’s wines, each year brings exciting new flavors to experience cultivated in the terroir of tradition and past experience. Share with us the marking of a new year and vintage of Stierbach in our Society.

Prince William County Fairgrounds, 10624 Dumfries Road, Manassas, VA 20112. Site opens Friday, June 27th at 4pm and we need to be offsite by noon on Sunday. This is the same site as our Holiday Faire. Please note that the site is DRY Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Manassas, Virginia)

[OUT] Quest for Valhalla

The Norse Gods have come to life and are running free through the green hills of al-Barran.

In the ways of the old there will be much to do this summer weekend. A QUEST like no other has been planned for all to enjoy. For those who are all about the fighting there will be a Rapier Tournament, Heavy Tournament as well as an Archery Tournament just in case you thought there would be nothing to do. Along with questing, fighting, and much revelry, there will be a most wondrous feast Saturday evening that will leave no one hungry. There will also be a delicious and helpful brunch served Sunday morning. Please contact the food coordinators below with any allergy concerns. Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Tijeras, New Mexico)

[GLE] Roman Holiday

Experience the luxury of a Roman Holiday. A prize will be given for the best Roman or Celto-Roman display and for the best costume.

July, 12, 2008 (Lugh)

St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center
4577 Billy Maher Rd. Memphis, TN 38135
(see for map and directions)

The Marcus Gracchus Memorial Wheel of Fire Tourney (standard double elimination) –Youth Combat Tourney- Light Weapons Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)

[OUT] Outlands Fall Crown Tournament

The Barony of Dragonsspine welcomes one and all to this year's Outlands Fall Crown Tournament, to be held once again at the beautiful Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City, Colorado.

Times: Site opens Friday, September 12 at 5:30 p.m. and closes Sunday, September 14 at 2:00 p.m.

Hosted by: The Barony of Dragonsspine

Site Location: Holy Cross Abbey, 3011 E US Highway 50, Canon City, CO 81212 Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Canon City, Colorado)

[AET] Pax Interruptus

The ground beneath us trembles ever increasingly with the rhythmic marching of armored feet approaching our sylvan borders. The impending threat of War looms on AEthelmearc's horizon. It is time once again to declare a Pax Interruptus, and summon the noble forces of scarlet to gather in preparation.

Thescorre's valiant Baron Eric along with steadfast Baroness Katja, invite all to journey to these industrious lands. Their Excellencies joyously welcome, on behalf of Khan Khalek, all who would train with resolute vigor, striving to hone to a fine edge, each warrior's skills of battle for the coming fight in defense of this glorious Kingdom. Location:
Barony of Thescorre (Caledonia, New York)

[OUT] Unser Hafen Defender and Protector

Take notice swift and strong Outlanders! The time has come for the stalwart Barony of Unser Hafen to choose its newest Defender and Protector. To accomplish this, tournaments will be held to assess the skills and character of those who aspire to be Champions.

What: Unser Hafen Defender and Protector Event
When: Sunday, June 22 starting at 10 AM
Where: The Barony of Unser Hafen (Fort Collins, Colorado) at City Park, Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Fort Collins, Colorado)

[NOR] Day of Fencing

Day of Fencing: Bank the Booty, Bury the Bodies. Hosted by the Shire of Silfren Mere August 23, 2008

The Plummer House
1091 Plummer Lane SW
Rochester, MN 55901


Site opens at:
8 am for setup teams and Royalty and retinue
9 am for populace
10 am fighters assemble for instruction
10:30 Populace assembles for instruction
11 am Fighting begins, lunch is available, spontaneous A&S circles form... Location:
Shire of Silfren Mere (Rochester, Minnesota)

Rare display of Shroud of Turin scheduled

The Turin Shroud will be displayed in public for the first time in ten years, coinciding with a new series of scientific tests. The Shroud has only been displayed five times in the past century.

[MER] Pirates of the Mediterranean

On behalf of meself an' me crew from the Shire of Owl's Nest, I be invitin' ye seaworthy populace to set sail with us Pirates of the Mediterranean. We be weighin' anchor from familiar waters sheltered by the forests of Pickett's Mill in Dallas, GA at the time of the third bell of the forenoon watch on the 21st day of June, bein' a Saturday. We be stoppin' at various ports in the Med to take on provisions, fresh water, trade goods with local merchants, an' soak up some of the local colour. Location:
Shire of Owl's Nest (Dallas, Georgia)

[AET] Fall Crown Tournament

The Barony of Blackstone Mountain will host this years Fall Crown Tournament the weekend of October 4th, 2008. The event site is Hawk's Nest State Park, Route 60, WV (no street address). We will greet the day's visitors at 9AM with gracious hospitality befitting the day. Visitors caught on our lands after 10PM will be pressed into labor mining our black stones!

Hawk's Nest State Park Location:
Barony of Blackstone Mountain

[ATL] Lochmere 20th Baronial Birthday and Investiture

Twenty years ago, on the fields of Pennsic XVII, the shires of Myrkwood and Airendale were formally united into the Barony of Lochmere by their august Atlantian Majesties, Dafydd and Elizabeth. In celebration of that glorious day, we invite you to attend our baronial birthday where the Eighth Baron and Baroness will be invested and take on the responsibilities of leadership.

The weekend's activities will have something for just about Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Annapolis, Maryland)

[WES] Turnagain Wake

The Borders of Eskalya and Selviergard have both seen battles, and though the threat to test these borders has been subdued, the memories of those lost in battle have not. With these memories, comes the yearning to honor all those who have graced the war fields, and those who could not share this moment with us.

The Shire of Hrafnafjordr opens an invitation to come revel in the art of war. We wish to fight along side Infantry, Squires and Knights Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr

Wanted: CDs by SCA musicians

Melandra of the Woods, host of the Traditional and Folk Music Hour, is looking for SCA musicians to feature on her program.

[GLE] Academy of Dance

Is your Hole in the Wall a little rusty? Can't tell a difference between a Brawl and Bransle? Do you hear the word "Ball" and (shiver) because you only know one dance? Want to know what non European dances are 'period'?

The Shire of Iron Ox presents Academy of Dance

July 26, 2008
Jackson, MS
Cabot Lodge Millsaps

With three tracks of classes there is something for every Dancer! Location:
Shire of Iron Ox (Jackson, Mississippi)

[CAI] Tanwayour Event (aka Talanque Tourney)

It's that time of year again, and Tanwayour has been exceptionally quiet regarding the Talanque Tourney preparations so far.

This year we will be taking some of the unofficial theme from last year's event (SURPRISE!!) and instituting it this time.

Barring last minute complications, our event will be on June 21st, 2008 at Veterans Park in the lovely town of Imperial Beach California. Yes, we are Location:
Canton of Tanwayour (Imperial Beach, California)

Alfonso X's Book of Games (1283) now available online

Lord Tristan d'Avignon provides an online copy of his teaching document for medieval games, based on Alfonso X's Book of Games from the thirteenth century.

Board of Directors seeks comment on current nominees

The SCA Board of Directors is seeking comments from the populace on the selection of future Directors.

June 11th

Renaissance textiles in Kansas City

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri will present Revealing, Reversible and Resplendent: 15th-17th-Century Italian and Spanish Textiles through August 17, 2008. The exhibit includes elaborately-embroidered and woven religious and secular pieces (photo)

Bowdoin College Museum of Art presents exhibit on Renaissance marriage

Beauty and Duty: The Art and Business of Renaissance Marriage, an exhibit which "examines the manner in which art played a vital role in the rituals and celebrations of Renaissance marriage" will be on display at the Bowdoin College Art Museum (Brunswick, Maine) until July 27, 2008. The event's website also includes games and activities for children.

Eirik Andersen's photos from Spring 2008 Coronation

Eirik Andersen has posted an album of photos from the Kingdom of Ealdormere's Spring 2008 Coronation on the Two Ravens website.

June 14, 2008 is Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

All over the world, knitters will come together to promote their craft on June 14, 2008!

June 10th

Peers Created/Tapped in Atenveldt

Their Royal Majesties, Phelan III & Amirah, King & Queen of Atenveldt, elevated Countess Haley Olafsdottir to the rank of Pelican at the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Collegium, June 8, 2008.

Update on stolen gear in West Kingdom

Moira O'Connor and Aine ingen Fhinn report that the van stolen recently with most of their SCA gear inside has been recovered, although much of the gear has not.

"For Tent and Trade: Masterpieces of Turkmen Weaving" at San Francisco's de Young Museum

For Tent and Trade: Masterpieces of Turkmen Weaving, an exhibition of textile weaving by the Turkmen of Turkmenistan, northwest Iran, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan will be at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco's de Young Museum through September 7, 2008.

June 9th

DNA recovered from Viking skeletons

LiveScience reports that Jorgen Dissing of the University of Copenhagen claims to have recovered genetic material from 1000-year-old skeletons from the Danish island of Funen. The DNA samples were removed from the teeth of the ancient Vikings.

Count Gunthar Johanson elevated to Laurel in Ansteorra

Lady Jeanne reports that Count Gunthar Johanson was recently elevated to the Order of the Laurel in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Pennsic Ride Share

In light of the current trend in gas prices, a Pennsic Ride Share mailing list has been set up to exchange offers of rides or for those looking for rides.

Panteria photos online

Alaxandr MacLochLoinn of the Shire of Mountain Freehold has posted an album of photos from the recent Panteria event in the Kingdom of the East.

June 8th

Ansteorra event photos

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted two albums of photos from the recent DFT Guardian and Elfsea Springfaire in the Kingdom of Ansteorra on his Flickr website.