Archive - Jun 8, 2008

Ansteorra event photos

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted two albums of photos from the recent DFT Guardian and Elfsea Springfaire in the Kingdom of Ansteorra on his Flickr website.

New book claims China started the Renaissance

“A sophisticated Chinese delegation visited Italy in 1434, sparked the Renaissance and forever changed the course of Western civilization." This is the premise of a controversial new book by Gavin Menzies 1421: The Year China Discovered the World.

The mystery of the missing skeletons

Dozens of skeletons, thought to be Muslim and dating from the 8th or 9th centuries C.E, have been removed from the site of excavations near the Temple Mount according to the Israel Antiquities Authority who have deemed the incident "a serious mishap."

Warriors' Gate (South Korea) fighter practice video online

Jambres the Innocent has posted a series of video clips of fighter practice in Warriors' Gate (South Korea) on YouTube.