Archive - May 2008

May 7th

[NOR] Tournament of Chivalry

Just a friendly reminder that the Northshield Tournament of Chivalry is being held at the end of May. We would like to invite all to come and enjoy a day of fighting in the Northern Suburbs of Minneapolis/St Paul, just a short 55 minutes north.

The (forming) village of Blachemere, in the Barony of Nordskogen is hosting a Tournament of Chivalry

Saturday May 31, 2008

Anoka County Parks: Rum River North Location:
Incipient Shire of Blachemere (St. Francis, Minnesota)

Ealdormere's "Cloth of Gold" competition results

Maestra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester reports on the results of the Cloth of Gold Competition which took place April 12, 2008 in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic.

Results from Calontir's Fiftieth Crown Tournament

At the Fifieth Crown Tournament of Calontir, held on May 3, AS XLIII in the Barony of Mag Mor, Graf Luther Ambossfaust, inspired by Mistress Maerwynn of Holme, defeated His Lordship Alric Upplendingr to claim the right to rule the Falcon Realm.

May 6th

Isabelle the Mad elevated to Laurel in Gleann Abhann

Wernherus Rudemann reports that at Their recent Court at Anthenaem, Their Majesties William and Onora offered Isabelle The Mad elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

Knights Day at Southside Middle School

Students at Jacksonville, Florida's Southside Middle School were treated to a day of chivalry when members of the local SCA group visited the school for its annual celebration of "Knights Day." Sandy Strickland of My Southside Sun has the story.

A&S 50 Challenge

Lady Albreda Aylese of the East Kingdom issues a challenge to all members of the Society for Creative Anachronism to celebrate the Society upcoming 50th anniversary by creating or doing 50 A&S-related things.

Geoffrey MacDomhuill to be knighted in Meridies

Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Meridies have chosen to confer the Order of Knighthood on Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill.

May 5th

7th century Afghan oil paintings earliest discovered

Scientists working in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan have discovered oil paintings on the walls of caves dating to the 7th centuries, 800 years before the earliest European oil paintings were created. (photos)

Pictures from Northshield Spring Coronation

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares photos from the recent Spring 2008 Coronation in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Known World Players announce change of schedule

THL Tyzes Sofia, founder and managing director of the Known World Players, has announced schedule changes for the company.

Living in period style

Toward a (More) Period Encampment, an article on the Dragonwing website, discusses how striving for a more period encampment can be a rewarding experience.

May 4th

Katherine d'Aquitaine Palatine and Noe the Saxon new Far West Baron and Baroness

Their Excellencies Katherine d'Aquitaine, Palatine Baroness and Noe the Saxon, Consort Baron report on the recent Coronet Tourney from the Palatine Barony of the Far West. The Tourney took place April 12, 2008 at the Tama Hills Military Recreation Center in Val De Draco (Tokyo, Japan)

Vikings acquitted in ritual killing

New evidence pertaining to the death of a Viking woman found in a ship burial disputes the earlier belief that the woman was ritually murdered. "We have no reason to think violence was the cause of death," Per Holck, professor of anatomy at Oslo University, told Reuters after studying the two women who died in 834 aged about 80 and 50.

Lead church roofs target of English thieves

England's historic churches are facing a new enemy: lead thieves, who are now stealing strips of lead from church roofs. The thefts are being blamed on the record high price that lead brings.

May 3rd

Sherwood's "Thynghowe" may be Anglo-Saxon mound

Husband and wife Lynda Mallet and Stuart Reddish discovered a mysterious mound three years ago in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, England with the help of 19th century maps. Now they believe the site may have been an Anglo-Saxon gathering place.

How chivalrous are you?

A quiz by Anya Yurchyshyn on MSN's Men's Lifestyle page asks "How chivalrous are you?"

1600 volcano affected world climate

UC Davis geology professor Ken Verosub believes that a volcano which erupted in 1600 in Peru may have affected global weather, causing famine in Russia and a late wine harvest in France.

St. Vitus photos online

Kateryn Rous has posted an album of photos from the Kingdom of Atlantia's St. Vitus event on her Flickr website.

May 2nd

Rune calendar website

Looking for an interesting A&S project, fan of Nordic studies - or just seeking an interesting way to track time - then visit the Gangleri website for an article on Rune Calendars.

Nero's gate discovered in Cologne

Constructions workers at the site of Cologne, Germany's new metro line have discovered a Roman gate believed to have been built by the Emperor Nero and dating from the 1st century C.E.

Northshield's Crown Combatants announced

Their Majesties Lars and Mary of the Kingdom of Northshield have announced the list of combatants and consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament which will take place May 9-11, 2008 in Caer Anterth Mawr.

Texas Renaissance Festival Cast Auditions

The Texas Renaissance Festival, the nation's largest, most acclaimed renaissance themed park, seeks interactive character actors and specialty acts for its 2008 Performance Company. Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 3, and Saturday, May 10, 2008.

May 1st

Duke Darius victor of East Kingdom Spring 2008 Crown Tourney

Duke Darius, fighting for THL Alethea Eastriding, was the winner of the Spring 2008 Crown Tournament in the East Kingdom.

[AET] Spring Thing IX

Long ago in the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog, upon a section of land once called the Western Border, a tradition began known as Spring Thing at which the Barony and all her family and friends gathered to dispel the winter's cobwebs and celebrate the return of Spring! Join us this year for the 9th Annual Spring Thing Event hosted by the Canton of Westland Mor!

Spring Thing and the 7 Pearls Fencing Tourney Location:
Canton of Westland Mor (Stahlstown Pennsylvania)

[ATL] Highland River Melees

To All goode subjects of Atlantia, we bring Greetings and Tidings of a Great Event hosted by His Excellency Llywelyn ap Rhothbert ap Gwytyny and Her Excellency Isbella Stere of Highland Foorde. Indeed, this Event doth continue in Its 15th Year, this year?s Theme being the time of The Black Prince..

Highland River Melees, for that be its name, has Activities for all! There will be competitions in many Subjects, Armored Combat that will fatigue the Most Hearty Warrior, Dueling with Rapiers, and Target Competitions to assuage the Achings of all Hearts. Come thou, then, and take Part! Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde (Hagerstown, Maryland)

[DRA] Winchester Pilgrimage III

Come all ye pilgrims and travellers, and join the Shire of West Dragoningshire for a pilgrimage at the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty. Share with us in an evening of Chaucer; a morning pilgrimage to Winchester Cathedral, during which we will be tested on our knowledge of such things that would be known by pilgrims of yore; an afternoon demonstration of our fighting skills and an evening of feasting Location:
Shire of West Dragoningshire (Winchester, England)

[NOR] Warriors and Warlords XV

Warriors and Warlords XV July 10-13, 2008

Kronshage Park
1500 Wisconsin Ave
Boscobel, WI 53805

ONLY STAFF MEMBERS & REGISTRERED MERCHANTS will be allowed on site before Thursday, July 10, 9 a.m.!

New Location!
Thank you for visiting the electronic home of Warriors and Warlords! We are excited to host WW at a new site in beautiful Boscobel, Wisconsin. The town (including the site) is located in a valley near the Wisconsin River, and the area is lovely. The new site has plenty of room for fighting, fighting, more fighting, and all the other activities that we love about WW. Please join the Baronies of Nordskogen and Jararvellir as we celebrate summer together! Location:
Baronies of Nordskogen and Jararvellir (Boscobel, Wisconsin)

La Prova Dura videos online

Aeschine has posted a series of videos from La Prova Dura which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West.

Crusaders left genetic mark on the Middle East

Scientists from the Genographic Project, which is tracking human migrations through DNA, have found traces of a particular DNA signature in Lebanon which they link to European crusaders.

12th century "Hoodies" terrorized medieval London

According to historian Professor Robert Bartlett, youth gangs are nothing new. They existed in 12th century London and wore hooded garments which hid their identities during rampages.