Archive - May 4, 2008

Katherine d'Aquitaine Palatine and Noe the Saxon new Far West Baron and Baroness

Their Excellencies Katherine d'Aquitaine, Palatine Baroness and Noe the Saxon, Consort Baron report on the recent Coronet Tourney from the Palatine Barony of the Far West. The Tourney took place April 12, 2008 at the Tama Hills Military Recreation Center in Val De Draco (Tokyo, Japan)

Vikings acquitted in ritual killing

New evidence pertaining to the death of a Viking woman found in a ship burial disputes the earlier belief that the woman was ritually murdered. "We have no reason to think violence was the cause of death," Per Holck, professor of anatomy at Oslo University, told Reuters after studying the two women who died in 834 aged about 80 and 50.

Lead church roofs target of English thieves

England's historic churches are facing a new enemy: lead thieves, who are now stealing strips of lead from church roofs. The thefts are being blamed on the record high price that lead brings.