Archive - Apr 2008

April 10th

[MID] First Contact: Moors in Hispania

1297 years and 4 days earlier, on April 29, 711, Tariq ibn Ziyad (Taric the One Eyed) swept into Visigothic Hispania. After his Berber armies arrived at Gibraltar, the Iberian Peninsula would never be the same again.

The influences brought by Tariq and his men would resonate through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, making this area a crossroads of music, literature, and social practices.

Marche of Gwyntarian (Akron, Ohio)

[ATL] Southern Atlantia Archery Day: The Hunt

It matters not the reason you loose your bow, ax, knife, or spear - be it for combat, food, sport or to protect your home from the denizens of the wild - Boonville, North Carolina is the place to be! The woods and fields around Castle Elchenburg will be filled with beasts for your hunting pleasure!

This event is open to target archery, thrown weapons and atlatl. Newcomers and beginners are welcome. Prizes will be given for each skill level. Plan to Location:
Canton of Crois Brigte (Booneville, North Carolina)

[ATE] Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium

Come one and all to the biggest, most fun two-day Kingdom Collegium held in Atenveldt in many years! The site is in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr at the privately owned, Green Fields Country Day School ( at 6000 N Camino de la Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741, less than a mile from I-10 at the Orange Grove exit.

The site includes 14 classrooms, an auditorium for Location:
Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, Arizona)

[AET] Brass Ring Thing VIII

Once again good gentles do we invite all that is good and great from these Sylvan Lands to celebrate the medieval origins of the carrousel and to give aide to the good gentles of the Herschell Carousel Museum.

Brass Ring Thing VIII: aka the Carrousel Museum Event
Barony of Rhydderich Hael & The Canton of Beau Fleuve
Saturday June 7, 2008 Location:
Barony of Rhydderich Hael & The Canton of Beau Fleuve

Gunndiarfr Magnúsarson offered Knighthood in Outlands

Kathryn reports that THL Gunndiarfr Magnúsarson was offered admittance into the Order of the Chivalry by Their Majesties of the Outlands at Their recent Crown Tournament.

The weight of historical swords

The weight of historical swords has often been debated. J. Clements weighs in with his opinion in an online article for ARMA, The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts.

Great Helm Tourney photos online

The Honourable Lord Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted his photos from the recent Great Helm Tourney in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

April 9th

Estrella XXIV video online

Geillis has posted her video of heavy combat at Estrella War XXIV on YouTube. Heavy combat with a rock beat!

Inquisition "wasn't so bad after all" according to Vatican

The Vatican has created an exhibit to convince the Faithful that the Inquisition "wasn't so bad after all." The temporary Rare and Precious exhibition at Rome's Vittoriano Museum is designed to "expose some myths about this dark chapter of its past."

[ANT] Summer Hunt IV ~the other Sport of Kings!

Always wondered what nobleman did when they weren't at war? What was a favorite pastime of Royalty? What outdoor activity did women ride astride at and carry their own birds of prey with equal ability to the men? It was hunting! Several Kings wrote their own books on this sport, many illuminations showed women riding to the hunt, and falconry was enjoyed by everyone. This is an event not to be missed and it will be your chance to learn about period hunting techniques and game, hunting weapons, and animals used for hunting in period. Location:
Shire of Earnrokke, An Tir

Roman subway excavations produce wonderful archaeological finds

Archaeologists working at the site of a subway line near the Piazza Venezia in Rome have made some incredible finds including a 6th century copper factory and artifacts from a Renaissance palace kitchen.

Atenveldt Crown Tourney in the news

The Arizona Republic has produced a short video chronicling the recent final round of the Atenveldt Crown Tournament and the crowning of the Crown Prince and Princess. The clip has been posted on the website.

Golden Rivers Championship photos online

Aine DeLacey has posted photos from the recent Championship/Bardic Competition/Pot Luck in Golden Rivers online.

April 8th

Medieval "Chemists" found in Scotland

Archaeologists have discovered a 700-year-old chemists, an herb garden, which supplied the Soutra Hospital near Edinburgh, Scotland.

SCA Board of Directors Nominees as of March 2008

The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism is seeking input on the current slate of nominees for Board positions.

Tir Righ April Coronet

The Prince and Princess of Tir Righ, Owain and Wrenn hold a grand tournament to choose Their Successors to the Storm Thrones. This event held in the Barony of Seagirt will also see the changeover of the Baron and Baroness of Seagirt as James and Tangwystl step down after over 4 years. HL Ming Lum Pee and HL Elina Karsdottir ascend the Baronial seat. Location:
Victoria, BC

Pictures from That Moot Thingy VIII and Rumble in the Forest II

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares photos from the Canton of Coille Stoirmeil's recent That Moot Thingy and Rumble in the Forest in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Ancient Colchester South Gate discovered

Archaeologists believe that they have discovered part of the South gate of the Roman wall at Colchester, Britain's oldest Roman town. The wall was destroyed in 1818.

Two join Order of the Pelican in Atlantia

At the February 5, 2008 University of Atlantia event, Her Majesty, Rowan Berran MacDowell, Queen of Atlantia invited one gentle into the Order of the Pelican and placed another on vigil to contemplate elevation.

April 7th

The "Age of Armor" at Woodson Art Museum

An exhibition, The Age of Armor, will be presented April 19-June 22, 2008 at Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. The exhibit will consist of armor from the Higgins Armory Museum, as well as photographs by SCA members "in the form of platinum prints of California photographer E.F. Kitchen."

YouTube clip wins recording contract for Cistercian monks

Executives from Universal Music were "blown away" after hearing the voices of monks singing in a Cistercian monastery near Vienna, Austria on a YouTube video clip. The record producers had been looking for a group to record Gregorian chants, which have become popular.

Caelin on Andrede's Gulf Wars 2008 photos

Caelin on Andrede shares a large album of photos from Gulf Wars 2008 on the Flickr website.

Renaissance Dance Database

SCA member Lorenzo Petrucci has created a database for Renaissance dance music which tracks links and resources of interest to SCA dancers. It focuses on dances and dance styles up to the year 1600.

Estrella War XXV

Estrella War XXV (Silver Anniversary) - 25 years of Celebrating the Dream

February 10-16 2009
Florence, AZ
Kingdom of Atenveldt Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Florence, Arizona)

April 6th

A birth in the Outlands

It was announced on the Kingdom of the Outlands list that Samantha Morgan McCarty was born March 15, 2008 to Baroness Christina McCarty and Lord Stephen McCarty.

Titus Scipio Germanicus victor of West Kingdom Crown

Khevron reports that Viscount Sir Titus Scipio Germanicus was the victor of the recent West Kingdom Crown Tourney. He fought for the honor of Baroness Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne.

Research Survey on SCA Membership and Period Studies

Iustin Branov has created a survey on SCA membership and period studies interests as part of a course at the University of Vermont.

Barony of Sundragon Welcomes New Excellencies

On Saturday, March 15, 2008, the Barony of Sundragon in Atenveldt, traditionally a matriarchal barony, bid goodbye to Baroness Katheline and Baron Ryan and welcomed in their new Baroness and Baron, Theresa and Robert.

April 5th

Benjamin Maurice Jacobson born in Caid

Eilidh Swann reports that Benjamin Maurice Jacobson was born March 16, 2008 to Lady Caterina and Don Lot in the Kingdom of Caid.

[TRI] Tourney of the Rose Goes to India!

The Varangian Guard have long been settled on the western shores of India. Wanting to participate in the events surrounding these competitions they sent out a call through the routes, through all the lands clear back to Scandinavia and bid to host the Tourney of the Rose, in a far and exotic place.

Come feast with us on exotic foods and enjoy exotic aromas as we bring you to the distant land of India. Location:
Shire of Sea March (West Palm Beach, Florida)