Archive - Apr 14, 2008

3rd century amulet places Jews in Austria

A gold amulet dating to the 3rd century CE inscribed with a Jewish prayer has been discovered in the grave of a Roman child in Halbturn, Austria proving that people of the Jewish faith inhabited the country at the time.

Estrella XXIV film teaser

A video teaser of the upcoming commercial film of Estrella War XXIV is now available online. The film by Thomas Gofton, Spencer Osborne and Martin Uus may be pre-ordered.

Falcons fly in Okeborne Keep

V. Danielle has posted an album of photos from the recent event in Okeborne Keep (Meridies). The album includes some incredible falconry shots.

The genius of ancient mechanics

Scientists and mathematicians of the past may not have had computers and other modern scientific instruments to help in their study, but they were pretty darn smart in their abilities to figure things out. The Ancient Mechanics and How They Thought, a recent article in the New York Times looks at what our scientific forebears knew and how they used these ideas.