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March 5th

[CAI] Black Oak Lodge 2008: Canterbury Tales

We invite you to make the pilgrimage into the mountains of Santa Barbara for a weekend of feasting and fighting, storytelling and merry-making. The Bard of Darach competition is open to all the bards. Join us for their wit and words. Armoured Combat and Rapier fighters will have tournaments along with other contests and activities for non-fighters.

Be sure to visit the reliquaries of the "saints of the SCA". Many a fighter owes their continuing intelligence to St. Helm de Freon the patron saint of armourers, and autocrats pray to St. Helia de Hands for last minute volunteers. Visit the roadside shrines to these and other "saints" on your way through our Canterbury Tales. Location:
Shire of Darach (Buellton, California)

Islamic food on the Splendid Table

The March 1, 2008 edition of American Public Media's The Splendid Table features a discussion of Islamic cooking with Charles Perry, historian of Arab cuisine.

[EAL] Snowed Inn.. In Motion

Snowed Inn is back, and better than ever! We just decided to combine the resources of 3 cantons! We are providing our usual combination of Fighting, Gaming and Feasting!

Saturday, March 15th, 2008
Site opens at 10am and closes 10pm.

St Peter's Anglican Church
240 College Street
PO BOX 113
Cobourg ON
K9A 4K2

Site opens at 10am and closes 10pm.

Site Fee: Location:
Cantons of Ardchreag, Petrea Thule, and the Incipient Canton of Bastia Du Lac (Cobourg Ontario)

[ATE] Champions in the Pines

The first of May marks the anniversary of the SCA, it is the beginning of a new year of the Society. This Year the Shire of Granite Mountain will be starting a new beginning as well with a brand "NEW" May event. The populace of the Shire welcomes one and all to join us in the cool mountains of Prescott Arizona for the "Champions in the Pines" event, a weekend of tournaments, feasting, and friendship. We will gather to celebrate the many talents we have here in the Shire as well as the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt in the spirit of competition. Location:
Shire of Granite Mountain (Prescott, Arizona)

[EAS] Spring Crown Tourney

The snows melt, the grass greens, and the buds appear on the trees. The first brave flowers blossom, and it is time to think of the future of our Kingdom. The King and Queen need heirs to Their thrones!

Please join us for the Spring Crown Tournament to be hosted by the Shire of Lyndhaven. The site is CFB Gagetown. The tournament, feast and accomodations are in different buildings, but there will be a shuttle service running during the entire event. Location:
Shire of Lyndhaven (Oromocto, New Brunswick)

[ANT] Aquaterra Spring Ithra

The Aquaterra Spring Ithra, April 5-6, is now available for registration! We have an exciting line up of classes including several popular core classes!

The session will be held at Baker Hall at Everett Community College in Everett, WA. Full details and directions can be found at Select Aquaterra Spring Ithra from the pull-down Location:
Barony of Aquaterra (Everett, Washington)

[ATL] Coronation of Sinclair Hawkins & Kari Kyst

Louise IX of France has died before Edward I of England could join his Crusade, so Edward has launched his own ninth Crusade into the Holy Land himself. In a time when the Crusades were drawing to an end and the Holy Land was plagued with unrest, an opportunity of peace and great celebration has come again to our Kingdom. Atlantia calls home all those who are able to answer, be they Crusader, warrior, artisan, laborer or supporter. Let it resound throughout the Lands to come to the Barony of Hawkwood to witness the Royal Coronation of Sir Sinclair Hawkins and Baroness Kari Kyst. Location:
Barony of Hawkwood (Hendersonville, North Carolina)

[AET] Regional Muster in Myrkfaelinn

Myrkfaelinn will be having a regional armoured combat muster on Sunday, March 9 at our usual fight practice location in Risley Hall at Cornell University. We will be starting at 1pm.

The focus will be (as always :) small unit melee tactics. There is no site fee. This is the same location as our event this past weekend, so direction are printed in your AEstel. They are repeated below for your convenience. Location:
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (Ithaca, New York)

[ATL] Tournament of Chivalry

Tournament of Chivalry April 18-20, 2008 Barony of Storvik

Martial Activities: There will be heavy combat activities planned throughout the day. Fighting style will be determined by His Majesty.

Some youth activities are being planned as well. More info on this coming soon.

Adult, Member: $ 7.00 Day-Trip $ 7.00 Feast $ 6.00 Camping
Adult, Non-Member: $ 10.00 Day-Trip $ 7.00 Feast $ 6.00 Camping Location:
Barony of Storvik (Cheltenham, Maryland)

[ANT] Crown in the South: May Crown 2008

Join their Majesties of An Tir, Cedric and Elizabeth in the southernmost reaches of Their Lands. Come to the land of the Grail Lake, in the Principality of the Summits, to see prowess and chivalry exhibited by the finest fighters in the land of the Sable Lion. The Shires of Briaroak, Glyn Dwfn, Myrtleholt and Southmarch are pleased to welcome you to Crown in the South: May Crown 2008.

Lake Selmac, Oregon Location:
Shires of Briaroak & Glyn Dwfn (Lake Selmac, Oregon)

[EAL] Break the Back of Winter VIII

Let it be Known that the time has come agian to Break the Back of Winter. Break the Back of Winter the 8th: Fondest Memories is Just around the corner.

Date: March 8th 2008
Time: 11 am to 10 pm
Location: Canton of Greyfells, St. Margarets United Church, Kingston.
Autocrat: Lady Moira ni Namara of Greyfells
Co-Autocrat: Lord William MacGrioghair

Site: 8$/ adult, 4$/ 12 & under, Free/ 3 & under Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston, Ontario)

[ATE] Mixed Weapons War

SunDragon's spotlight event, Mixed Weapons War will be on March 14th through 16th, 2008.

We would like you all to know that this year you can go to the ACCEPS web site and preregister and prepay your site fees and feast fees at:

Due to the popularity of this event we strongly encourage that you take advantage of the advance payment system through ACCEPS. There Location:
Barony of SunDragon (Buckeye, Arizona)

[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice VI

We would like to dedicate NFFP VI to a very special topic: Fighting in wars. If you have never experienced a war before or want to get into that feeling before Nibelungen, this is your chance to practice battles, melees, a woods battle and different drills to get you into war mode.

The Shire of the Two Seas invites all Fighters from Near and Far to our Fighter Practice in Hamburg on July 19th, this time with a special focus on war. Location:
Shire of the Two Seas (Hamburg, Germany)

[NOR] Mermaid's Retreat XV

Come one, Come all and help celebrate the 15th Annual Mermaid's retreat!! More fun, more battles, more celebrating!

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Rd.
Valders, Wisconsin 54245

!!Public Demo Saturday from 10am - 4pm Please try to remain in high persona AND completely dry during demo!!

Miss Mermaid Contest - Oyez! Oyez! All fair maids! Take a chance and be crowned Miss Mermaid 2008. Our 2007 winner will be on hand to help crown the new maid. Location:
Shire of Turm an dem See (Valders, Wisconsin )

[NOR] Lusty Day in May

The Shire of Western Keep (Brookings, SD) is holding Lusty Day in May in 2008.

Where: Fort Sisseton State Park (about 30 miles west of Sisseton, SD)
When: May 16-18 Costs: site fee is by donation; there is no entrance fee for the statepark this weekend

Feast: Saturday night $10/plate ($5 for youth and free for lapsitters)

Camping: primitive camping is $5/tent/night; electrical pads are stillavailable for $14/night;cabins sleep six and cost $40/night;*cabins and electrical pads are reserved through the park itself. You must pay in advance to reserve these spots by calling (605) 448-5474*If you're primitive camping you can just pay on site. Location:
Shire of Western Keep (Brookings, South Dakota)

The Other Boleyn Girl "more slog than romp"

"According to this oddly plotted and frantically paced pastiche — written by Peter Morgan, directed by Justin Chadwick — the girls were more or less the Paris and Nicky Hilton of the Tudor court," writes reviewer Manohla Dargis for the New York Times.

Riding to rescue vital record of English Medieval Knights

A Culture Minister in England has temporarily blocked export of the Dering Roll, the earliest English roll of arms, in order to "provide a last chance to raise the money to keep the roll in the United Kingdom."

700-year-old Magna Carta to be displayed at the National Archives

Starting March 12, 2008, a handwritten copy of the Magna Carta will go on display at the West Rotunda Gallery of the National Archives Building in Washington DC.

March 4th

Lagerdamm Newbie 2008 photos online

David Backlin has posted an album of photos from the recent Lagerdamm Newbie event in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Gary Gygax, "Father of D&D", dies at age 69

For many in the SCA and other Middle Ages living history organizations, the first introduction to acting the part of someone from a medieval culture was a game of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of D&D more than 30 years ago, died today after several years of declining health.

New Judith Herrin book offers "Byzantine surprise!"

A jaded den of deceit and treachery is the common perception of the medieval Byzantine Empire, but a new book by Judith Herrin offers a different interpretation, one that includes a rich cultural and religious life. M.M. Bennetts has the review for the Christian Science Monitor.

Gulf Wars armored combat descriptions online

The Kingdom of Ansteorra Marshalate has posted detailed descriptions of various battles to take place at the upcoming Gulf Wars.

March 3rd

Pennsylvania may end "Beer Case Law"

Moderate drinkers at Pennsic take heart. The end of Pennsylvania's beer "case law," which requires purchase of an entire case of beer at a time, may be at hand.

Archaeologists closer to discovering Scottish palace

Medieval texts have called the palace of Kenneth MacAlpine, the first king of a united Scotland, a stone building, but modern researchers believe it would have been wooden. Now recent discoveries lead the experts to think they may be close to zeroing in on the location.

Medieval scandals in three new books

Medieval scandals are the hot reads of the day according to London Times reviwer Nicholas Vincent who reviews three new books dealing with powerful men - and women - of the Middle Ages.

Photos from 2008 Tourney of Ymir

Skorri Einarsson shares photos from the recent Tourney of Ymir in the Kingdom of Atlantia on his SmugMug website.

March 2nd

12th century Cypriot monastery excavated

The excavation of a 12th century Georgian monastery in Paphos, Cyprus is bringing residents of the Mediterranean island and the country of Georgia together, according to reports from the Cyprus Mail. Hope is that the Monastery of Panagia Chrysogialiotissa will become an important archaeological site and tourist attraction.

March 1st

Viking blood common in northwest England

Science Daily reveals that a new study by The University of Nottingham, the University of Leicester and University College London proves that Viking bloodlines are still common in the residents of Northwest England.

Making MEaD at Dartmouth

Taylor Campbell, SCA member and the president of MEaD, the Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth, submitted to an interview by a reporter from the Dartmouth Mirror about life as a medieval reenactor.

Early 17th century Japanese village discovered in Cambodia

Researchers working on a site near Phnom Penh in Cambodia believe they have discovered the remains of a Japanese village dating to the 17th century. Artifacts found include ceramics and kilns.